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    As Trill tries to calm Eldrith down he quites his ranting but keeps up the pace "regitty frak frakken fridgitty"

    Finally as they enter the alley and Eldrith breathes in the air he relents and composes himself again. After all he is a doctor.

    Umm No I haven't seen anything like that Mando befo...Oh no you know what I have seen them. Yeah yeah they were hanging around Tigozan's place they must be one of her or Hazabar's guns. Eldrith closes his eyes as if he's thinking really hard making a almost pained face. "Uhhh do we go back for them? I mean they look like they are pretty much handling things right? Right? Yeah I think I'm right I'm sure they'll catch up if their supposed to be with us I'm sure"

    He squints his eyes at Trill as she asks about the slave collar of their new Wookie friend and puts two fingers on the bridge of his nose. Focus Eldrith.

    Yeah, yeah I think I can do something about it maybe ahh let's see..." He had treated slaves before and see collars before. He'd also seen the scourch marks these things leave.
    Just awful pieces of tech, he'd never removed on before but he thought back to those patients trying to remember if he had seen any of them removed.

    Eldrith approaches the Wookie which is a scary proposition in and of itself. He stops just out of arms reach and puts his hands up in a none threatening way.

    "Hey friend. I just need to have a look at that nasty collar around your neck. I'm going to try and take it off ok? No need to freak or to rip any arms off or do anything rash ok?"

    Once he knows the Wookie understands him and that they consent then he'll have a look at the collar and see what he can do.
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