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    Lightbulb D20 total conversion

    Copied from previous post:
    I have been game mastering roleplaying-games for six years now, and have built up an extensive amount of homebrew rules. I have been thinking of adding them to a homebrew-forum for quite some time now, but I'm afraid the system is so extensively modified that you can't really call it D20 anymore.

    I want to know if anyone on this forum is interested in a version of D20 with almost every single rule modified (usually quite heavily), and if this is the right forum to post an entire new role-playing system (which it can probably be called). If not I would like to know about other rpg-forums where it will fit better.

    Changes include:
    - No more classes or levels.
    - Character creation system based on point-buy for every aspect of your character.
    - Completely new initiative-system which get rid of 6-second rounds in favour of 1-second "shots" (similar to Feng Shui)
    - Damage system for hitting specific body parts, bleeding, broken bones etc.
    - Completely new magic-system based on "true names" (inspired by the Earthsea trilogy) and mana.
    - New abilities, including parrying, dodging, new armour and weapon rules etc.

    I guess a few of the custom rules can be used without using the others, and some more can be used alone with some modifications. However, most of them build on other custom rules, and it can be hard to pick and choose. The system is also not heavily focused on balance, and is very easy to "sploit" if your players are munchkins. In my setting the rules have given:

    - More cinematic combat
    - More realism
    - Explanations for how magic works

    at the cost of game pacing, though this improves as players get used to the system.

    So, are anyone interested? The rules are quite extensive, and I don't want to use hours to write it all down if no one wants to use them, so please post a reply if this sounds like something to use in your setting. If you have any questions, please ask.

    I apologise for my poor English, as I am Norwegian. If I have made any serious mistakes, please point them out, as this is the only way I'll learn.


    PS: This system, as it stands, is not designed to be used in a standard D&D campaign (And at least not a high level one). The system may be said to be roughly designed around characters with the approximate power of third-level characters, where stats higher than 18 really shouldn't exist. As TheDon remarked, a character with a high enough intelligence-score will gain xp from buying skills using my system. Many of the rules I will add in the combat-section further complicate using this system along with a high-level campaign.

    A campaign using my complete custom rule set will be very different from playing with standard D&D rules. It can almost be considered a separate gaming-system from D20 entirely.

    However, I am adding this to the net so that the most people possible can benefit from it, and if people seem interested enough, I intend to add optional rules that will make it possible to use some of my rules in conjugation with different types of campaigns. And please, if you think some of the rules seem interesting, but don't want to add other aspects, post your question and I will do my best to help implement that rule into whatever campaign you are playing. Just ask :)

    So here goes :)

    PS: Where not stated differently, standard D&D rules apply.
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