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    Yeah we'll have a look at it later. These things usually have a tracker in them though so we'll want to get it removed before we take Chip to the warehouse

    Turning his head toward Trill

    "Tig is a friend yeah she'll make sure everything goes right. From what I've pieced together she and her brother are actually your original clients so in a really weird and round about way this all works out. Skeeso is being looked after and he's in very capable hands trust me we but time and supplies into keeping him up and running for you so I'm not about to lose that investment.

    Speaking of we need to get going. The imps are going to have their hands full trying to sort out the mess in there and while thier distracted we just slip away. Zo, Yijz do you have a ride for our friends here? I borrowed a bike so I could fit one on mine."
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