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    Q57 Does this power also removes insubstantial / the resistance granted by the insubstantial property?


    I think the "best" interpretation by RAW is that it removes insubstantial some of the time. The glossary entry for Resistance says that, "Resistance appears in a stat block or power as “Resist x,” where x is the amount that the damage is reduced, followed by the type of damage that is being resisted." Insubstantial is often listed in a stat block as Resist insubstantial, and in cases like this I believe the power does remove insubstantial. However, Insubstantial itself is not defined as a type of resistance, and powers often grant it by simply saying things like, "While in this form, it is insubstantial...." In instances like this, I do not believe the power removes insubstantial.

    In summary: if insubstantial is granted to a creature in the Resist line, then the power removes it. Otherwise it does not.
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