The Fireball Savant

Feats: Spell Focus (Evocation)
Spellcasting: Must be able to cast the spell Fireball


Hit Die: d4

Level BAB Saves Special Spellcasting
1 +0 +0/+0/+2 Fireball Expertise, Fire Resistance
2 +1 +0/+0/+3 Fireball Trick +1 to existing spellcasting class
3 +1 +1/+1/+3 Fireball Trick +1 to existing spellcasting class
4 +2 +1/+1/+4 Fireball Trick +1 to existing spellcasting class
5 +2 +1/+1/+4 Fireball Trick +1 to existing spellcasting class
6 +3 +2/+2/+5 Fireball Trick +1 to existing spellcasting class
Class Skills (2 + Int)
Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Knowledge (All), Profession, Spellcraft

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Fireball Savant does not gain any proficiency in weapons or armor.

Fireball Expertise: A Fireball Savant is so familiar with her Spell of choice that casting it has become easier. She can now cast it as a second level spell rather than a third level spell. In addition, the spell no longer has a maximum damage cap. Prepared casters can cast Fireball spontaneously, and spontaneous casters can apply metamagic to Fireball without an increase in casting time.

Fire Resistance (Su): A Fireball Savant possesses such a strong connection to the element of fire that she can resist its burn. She gains Fire Resistance equal to five times her Fireball Savant level. She is also immune to damage from her own Fireballs.

Fireball Trick: At second level and every level thereafter, a Fireball Savant learns a new trick that she may apply whenever she casts Fireball. She chooses one ability off of the following list to learn. Each trick can only be chosen once.

Bouncing Ball: After being cast, the Fireball slowly bounces towards its intended target. Each round, in moves either 10, 20, or 30 feet (chosen at the time of casting) closer towards its destination in a straight line. After each segment of movement, the ball bounces off the ground/water/other surface and explodes, dealing half its damage within its normal area. When it reaches the final target, it explodes and deals full damage. The Fireball Savant can dismiss the Fireball at any time before it reaches its goal. (Cannot be combined with Lingering Ball.)

Easy Metamagic: All metamagic applied to Fireball costs one fewer level (minimum 0). This ability does not apply to Heighten Spell.

Engulfing Blast: The save DC for Fireball is increased by 4.

Fireball Barrage: When casting Fireball, the Fireball Savant can launch a number of Fireballs equal to her Fireball Savant level. Each one can go to any location in range and deals full damage.

Guided Ball: When using either Bouncing Ball or Lingering Ball, the Fireball Savant gains more control over her Fireballs. Bouncing Ball can now move in any direction, though each segment of movement must be in a straight line. The Fireball continues bouncing until it travels its maximum range. Lingering Ball can be moved up to 20 feet in any direction before each explosion. Unlike Bouncing Ball, it need not move in a straight line. Directing a Fireball's movement takes a swift action.

If the Fireball Savant has multiple Bouncing or Lingering Balls, either from Fireball Barrage or from casting multiple spells, she may only direct one ball at a time with that swift action. She can, instead, direct all the Fireballs with a standard action.

Hellfire Burn: Fireball deals typeless damage.

Lingering Ball: After being cast, the Fireball remains at its target location for a number of rounds equal to the Fireball Savant's caster level, though it can be dismissed at any time before then. At the end of each of her turns, the Fireball explodes once again, dealing full damage. (Cannot be combined with Bouncing Ball.)

Penetrating Blast: Fireball is no longer subject to Spell Resistance.

Scorched Earth: When Fireball is cast, every square that the ball passes through becomes engulfed in flames. These flames last for a number of rounds equal to the Fireball Savant's caster level and deal damage to any creature starting their turn in or entering one of the engulfed squares. The flames deal 2d6 fire damage, and creatures that take damage catch on fire.