Eldrith was a greedy man by nature. A trait that had saved him more than it had hurt him however it also blinded him at times. It made him see people and placed in a different light than others and he felt in his heart that his greed had made him blind to Trill.

As Trill smiles he recognizes the light in her eyes. Zo had that same light in his eyes too. It was a light that guarded, a light that hide, a light that protected.

Eldrith in that moment decided to trust Trill. Whatever her motives, whatever her purpose here on planet it he needed her in this moment.

Alright first things first we need to get out of here.

The imps are heading this way and I don't think we want to be here when the arrive given all of our histories. We need a new ride and I need to get to my swoop. I may have borrowed without asking so I'd like to take it back.

I’ve got a bike across the way here but I need one of you to find a ride for you all. Trill? You seem to have a talent for getting into and out of places would you be able to “Find” us a ride? Yitz can help also. While you’re doing that I’ll try to talk fast and hope for the best with this thing.

Eldrith thinks back to his time at the imperial academy learning protocols and procedures and summons his most imperious voice to try and wing this.

Current thought was to try and redirect the patrol as best he could barring that well Eldrith didn’t thrive on planning.

“1143 responding”