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    ((Okay, first of all, I want to warn anyone tuning in for the first time that this is not how to make a character directory post. For references, look up. Or down. But not at me.))

    I've been here for...a long time now. I can no longer see the center of the nautilus-clock very clearly.
    A gateway, a massive arc of featureless white catching the eternal sun. Beyond the arc, scrub forests give way to seaside cliffs and beaches, antarctic waters, beneath it the glass and plastic domes of my house.

    I am Yone, Wonderworker of the Wheel, and this is my directory post.
    I had more names before, 'Reyezuela Reindhez Gonzales', but this all started because I don't get along with my family.
    I should really come up with some aliases in case I ever need to, you know...use the Blade.

    The Gender: field here is filled in with 'Woman'. Species: Vasoril
    The body I have now is female, and so was the one I had before. Mostly. Sort of. It involves the, well, look, I'm not going to talk about it. That's all over. Or maybe 'fairy' would be more important?
    No elves and goblins here; those are left for the Earth Court. We stick to the same form we've always had. A big cat with tentacled shoulders. Long neck. Horns.
    'Alignment' These days its mostly Neutral. There's still some lawful decorations in a box in the attic, along with trappings of an old romance and heartbreak.
    If you were rooting around in journals, letters, and private papers, you would find the writer's outlook to be White (Black secondary)
    Buried in the bottom of a cabinet, medical papers would confirm a B Blood Type (from some time ago when she dwelt in a human body)
    In the study, astrological charts showing false-stars never seen here would show a birth under the Sign of the Lovers
    I didn't grow up one year per year like outsiders would have. And then.
    Sparrow's Retreat. The Ark. These places had different times.
    We're ageless, undying. But for the court, I'm very young.
    Something about the Nexus makes things happen so fast.

    Outside the house, glowering on the edge of the property, lies a workshop.
    Class/Profession: Artificer. Our term for it is 'Wonderworker'. The forging of Charities into artifacts, magical items, that is the innovation of the Outer Court, and I feel sure it holds the secret to the Veldt. It is my calling, and in it I far surpass the one who once taught me.
    Power Rating: I used to be very helpless. People always took advantage of me. That's why I took so many risks to learn this magic. But it paid off. So many things can't touch me anymore. Even Places would have to fear me if we ever came in conflict.

    A glimpse among the tall grasses is nevertheless enough for a full Description: Those cerulean eyes, without iris or pupil, pools of blazing color seeing without sight, set into a panther's face. Two tentacles, smooth ropy limbs outstretched from the shoulders, were holding the grass apart. Her tail ends in a big tuft of long fur, with a decorative clip of jade and ormolu. Not entirely unlike something snakey. The body is subject to constant refinements as the shell turns, slow divergences from the original copy.

    Personality: In this field you kind of have to take a good look at yourself.
    If I might say so myself, I'm friendly, and even though it isn't our purpose, I love helping people. Maybe there's a bit of showing off involved, maybe.
    I do get jealous, quite a bit.
    And I might not like using it, but it's there. I am, kind of...a monster.

    Equipment: When they're not in use, they return here, devoked.
    Among the celestial charities, there is only one that I lack: the Map of teaching.

    The Ring of Desire. Its form is an earring of black metal set with a rainbow stone. It is unrefined. It's source: love for a mentor. It is tarnished by the losses Yone has felt. It was further polished by a mix of love and hate.
    The Pen of Creation. Its form is a paintbrush of fever-wood and tail hairs, banded in silver. It is unrefined. Its source: unknown.
    The Glass of Learning. Its form is a little folding mirror. It is refined, to show the past and the future. Its source: long study under Places. It was further polished by allowing Yone to leave her humanity behind.
    The Staff of Diplomacy. Its form is a golden hammer with curiously placed claws. It is refined, into the Oath of Refounding whose powers are obscure. Its source: dedication to the creation of a True World.
    The Cup of Definition. Its form is a simple bowl of red clay. It is unrefined. Its source: The name Yone, and only that name. It was further polished by the making of the Arc.
    The Wheel of Space. Its form is a chariot pulled by a team of flightless birds. It is refined, to move at great speeds and that a road always opens before it, a lesson on the corruptibility of all things. Its source: membership in the Outer Court.
    The Blade of Violence. It's form is unknown. It is unrefined. Its source: Forged by Message with this tale "A gentle person lashed out at those who tormented them. Though she won, it was no longer enough to be safe. She now had a taste for blood."

    The hair clip used to be a fellow student, a friend. The pressures of their dreams compressed them to this useful decoration, unable to wake, unable to die. There is nothing that can be done to spare them, but at least I can keep the close.
    A gun that she really doesn't know how to use. A wide trapezoidal stock with four barrels in parallel. It shoots some sort of rays.
    Mara's ribbon.

    Abilities: As a sevenfold fae, I can reshape reality just by wanting it, without even needing to speak or gesture. Other minds can hold the world in order, and it's draining to do outside my home. Though once unskilled, Yone has studied most fields and become a passable worker of grammar-magic, and is yet a prodigy in one thing: the construction of magical items.

    Backstory: Disowned by her family for past sins and barely scraping by in a dead end job Inside, Yone was one of several students drawn by the Bureacat's promise of power and a better life. While a significant number of her fellow students died, she is one of the two to truly succeed and complete the lessons, reshaping her body and taking hold of great magical power. Besides briefly helping Mara and harassing the Earthly Court and their friends, she has been working to build a new home for the new Outer Court here in the Nexus. She has created a miniature True World to be her home, and seeks the breakthrough that will allow her to expand it and fulfill her oath once and for all. She crossed paths with Benedict, lost the person she loved, and was briefly kidnapped by demons, which all together led her to seek out Anchor and study the Blade which she had previously shied away form.
    Miscellaneous: Forgotten things, scattered here and there.
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