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Okay. Well there's a couple of points I want to address.

That is not the post right before you complained, it is considerably after you started complaining.
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Isn't it just a pity that someone did that right before I made the post saying so?
You'll notice that the post saying someone did that was #91 and the post in which they did was #90.

That post is not a reflection on the voting method because it has been stated that you were free to disclose your own votes, rather it's more of a comment on the persons personality.
Some things are still antecedent to other things even though there are other antecedents.

Finally, I am tabling this discussion because it has devolved into condescension and hostility which I certainly did not invite.
Right, because accusing someone of lying, while the truth is staring you right in the face, isn't hostile either. But fine, please do table this discussion: you were never positively contributing to it in the first place.