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    I think you're overvaluing the Broom of Flying compared to the Wings. The wings leave your hands free, the broom should take at least one of your hands to steady yourself (so no bows, no reloading crossbows) and both of your legs are tied down too. You're not going to "fall off of" the wings, but the broom seems like a flying death trap just waiting for you to get knocked/pulled off the first time you fight with it.

    Also the broom seems annoying to carry around.

    The broom has longer flight time, but that's it. I'd put them equal price.

    Also, I think some flight options for low level players is a must. Casters are going to get into the air by level 5, it's just the melee guys suffering if flight is hard for everyone else. Boots of Fly with a duration of 1m per day or something.
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