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    Default Re: Challenge!!! Make an epic progression for base classes

    Quote Originally Posted by Knaight View Post
    That would be why it's a homebrew progression and not the existing epic rules, yes.

    On an unrelated note, I have a suggestion for anyone tackling epic cleric:

    "Miracleworker (Su): At 21st level a cleric may spend a turn attempt to use atonement, greater restoration, mass heal, miracle, or true resurrection as a spell-like ability."

    "High Priest (Ex): At 21st level a cleric gains access to the domain spells and granted powers of all of his deity's domains. He may spontaneously cast spells from those domains as he would a cure spell."

    "Hierophant (Ex): At 22nd level and every two levels thereafter a cleric can select a hierophant special ability." (or alternatively incorporate the special abilities into any cleric epic bonus feats you give them).
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