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    Default Re: Base Class Contest Chat Thread V: I Scored at the Top of My Base Class

    Congrats to Knit and bek, you guys really earned it. For myself, I'm pleased and surprised - I honestly expected Wizard of the Coast to come in higher than the Transcendent. So thanks for rating my class higher than I did, I suppose

    Anyway, I promised I'd give my thoughts on the classes when I had the time, so here we go:

    Knighted Knight: I was all about the flavour on this one, and the playstyle it supported looked fun, too. What lost it for me, bek already pretty much covered - it needed a bit of polishing, both in format and content. Missing skills, Magical Knit was just crazy as written, you get the idea. Overall, it's a fun-looking class that fit the theme well, but it had technical issues I couldn't overlook.

    Wizard of the Coast: You know I'm always a fan of your work, Jorm, and this is no exception. The WotC is so tongue-in-cheek, from the flavour to the mechanics, and I loved it. The idea of giving out class features was inspired. My issues with it were largely that it's a bit of a slog to read through, and a little difficult to understand without multiple readings. I also couldn't really see myself playing it, so it lost a bit of its appeal to me personally. That said, it was my number three vote, all that humour and the uniqueness of the concept selling it for me.

    Antiquarian: This was my number one vote. It was very nearly my number two vote, but it sold me on a decidedly tie-breaking factor: it looked like something I'd have a lot of fun with. Clearly, a lot of time and effort was devoted to this class, and it shows. It was given in an easy-to-read, polished format, and nothing about it seemed particularly over- or underpowered. It took a unique angle to the theme that I appreciated, and it screams options without overdoing it, which is always a good thing for a class. The only thing I had against the class, the one thing, was spending a week on new artifacts. Which is mostly down to the complete lack of downtime in campaigns I play. The Antiquarian definitely won this for me, no doubt.

    Artist Macabre: I'm a sucker for dancing classes. Couldn't tell you why, that's just who I am. As such, I loved the theme and flavour of this class. However, I was immediately struck by the key feature. The class basically hinges on Dance of Blood, which is written in a somewhat confusing manner, and is rather situational. I felt like I could have fun with this, but I also felt like I'd have to put work in and go out of my way to force interactions with this ability. Much as I was sold on the fluff of the class, the crunch was a stumbling block.

    Photorealist: So finally we reach, if you couldn't guess, my number two vote. Pretty much everything I said about the Antiquarian is true of the Photorealist - the invested effort, the options, the theme (which was really just a better use of painting than I had), it was all golden. In the end, the thing that separated the two classes was my bias towards the Antiquarian's main mechanic, and the spot of trouble I had figuring out the Photorealist's primary class feature; having to go over it a couple of times to get it set in my mind made me feel like it would give me trouble down the line if I played it myself, and I hate to have to constantly refer to a class feature to make sure I don't have it wrong. But the Photorealist is really fantastic, the work put into it is self-evident, and obviously I felt it earned second place.

    Overall, I can honestly say I loved all of your work. You certainly gave me a run for my money. Again, thanks for rating the Transcendent as favourably as you did, it did far better than I could have hoped - and many congratulations to bek and Knit for outdoing me, and you two completely earned it.
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