[Cessie's Lab]

Cessie's reply is once again curt. "Yes, that's all the reply you deserve, Adir." She folds her arms over her chest, silently staring back at the stag. She was going to play the bigger person for now. Adir was doing a far better job than her dragging herself down anyway, so not doing anything was the best tactic right now.

[Sunny Day]

"Oh, I'd love to. She seems like a good kid, very brave, very proactive. Good qualities in a person." Dena replies with a smile.

((Actually, I would like to play it out if that's okay.))

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Mithar Keep's Adimantium Gates

Unaabhi replies: I am fluent in over forty million biological processes, including, but limited to, human, yithian, squirrel, rabbit, elder thing, gods and goddesses, etc. I thank you for the assistance, I must be off.

The creature then starts to fly to the sky, and beyond the sky. Well it doesn't seem he's burning up in the atmosphere. He's probably fine.
Mithar Keep's Adimantium Gates

"Er, no problems. Good luck." Cessie says as the creature walks off. Well, that had been odd. Hopefully it would work out in the end, surely GloG had dealt with stranger people before...