[Cessie's Lab]

Cessie gets a dirty look and some gritted teeth, but Adir is just focused on defending himself at this point. He looks at Sakura with his ears piqued, his expression still outraged. "Sakura, she thinks we're a couple of idiots, she just doesn't wanna say the words. She said she pities us, for the Gods sakes. That or she pities our kids, for having such an awful couple of parents." Cessie does get another look then.

"...I said some things that I shouldn't have. Some stuff I didn't mean."
His brow furrows. "I'm sorry. I can't take any more of this kami stuff. So I got angry. Am I not allowed?" He sets his jaw and glares fiercely. "It sure as hell wasn't all wrong, either."

"Are you actually only angry at me? Is that how this is gonna be? Just because when I say something that hurts, it happens to be big and obvious? Did you not hear the contempt? From your friend?" He indicates Cessie with a dismissive wave of the hand.

[Treasure Hunting]

Cernunnos tells Tuskfang mysteriously, and he wags his eyebrows. His hands make theatrical motions. "She's a hooman. Like Aunt Cessie. But browner."

"A lot browner."

It is truly a mystery.

Zillia just turns and wags her own thin, red brows at Reelshka. Mimicing Cernunnos' gleeful expression almost to a tee. "I was just going to have the children jump out and say 'boo'. But I think that it might be too late now..."

Indeed, Adir's footsteps can be heard returning along the hallway!