Shocker Lizard

Two magical beast hit dice, small size, a -4 net ability score loss, one weak natural attack, immunity to electricity, a decent land speed, and slow swim and climb speeds. If it weren't for its special attacks, these critters would be on their way to the -0 pile already.

However, as they are right now they have a couple of semi-interesting abilities that should be mentioned first. Electricity Sense is interesting, and unique as far as I can see, but ultimately not that likely to be useful. Stunning Shock is moderately neat ability that deals 2d8 points of nonlethal damage, which a reflex save halves, whereas Lethal Shock can deal up to 12d8 points of lethal damage in an area as a single standard action (though it does require other nearby lizards).

Add to this some skill bonuses and I think the resulting creature barely deserves +0 LA. It may have a moderately poor chassis, and the low intelligence stings, but the shocks aren't that bad at low levels and can be developed in interesting ways.