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    Guide to Grey Knights
    The Incorruptible

    Spoiler: Special Rules
    And They Know No Fear: Yep. It's a thing. Unfortunately, you're Grey Knights. By the time you're at the risk of failing Morale tests, your entire unit is dead anyway.

    Daemon Hunters: Re-roll To Wound against <Daemons> in the Fight phase. Fairly meta-relevant considering everything good in the <Chaos> Faction is a <Daemon>. Those Lord Discordants crashing into you can be terrifying.

    I'll bring it up early. Grey Knights have a significant mountain to climb when it comes to dealing with Chaos Daemons Detachments, and that's Daemonic Incursion. Daemonic Incursion is a Chaos Daemons Stratagem that allows a unit destroyed by a <Grey Knights> unit to return to the battlefield at full strength and it doesn't even cost points. For 2 CPs per phase, this can be nightmare when dealing with things like 30-blobs of Plaguebearers or Horrors. Remember, Stratagems are used per phase. Which means they can potentially do it at least three times in a turn (Psychic, Shooting and Fight). So, beware of that. However, one silver lining, is because of the rules on Chaos Daemons' Stratagems, they can't be used on Thousand Sons Supreme Commands.

    Rites of Banishment: Your Grey Knights' Smite range is reduced to 12". But, the true nerf is that RoB makes it so that your Smite only does 1 Mortal Wound instead of D3, even when you roll a 10+ on the Psychic test. It's kind of a big deal that your Smite is nerfed so hard.

    Teleport Strike: Given that Turn 2 is often way too late, you're better off with things like Interceptors and liberal use of Gate.

    Bolter Discipline (April 2019 / FAQ 3): When your models remain stationary, Rapid Fire weapons with 'Bolt' in their name gain the bonus shots even if not in half range...For Grey Knights; This means Storm Bolters. This allows your models to hang back on Objectives and fire at full effect. It's useful. <Terminators> are also to Gate away at will, and still fire 4 shots per model. Fury of Deimos also benefits from this ('cause it's a Storm Bolter), which is really handy since all your <Characters> are also <Terminators>, and can fire that !Heavy Bolter with impunity.

    Grey Knights' Detachments
    Brotherhood of Psykers: +1 to Psychic and Deny the Witch tests. The only reason this exists is so that you can shut down those Thousand Sons Supreme Commands.
    • Psychic Focus (Chapter Approved '18): You also don't add 1 for each successive Smite you manifest per turn. With Rites of Banishment, your Smites suck anyway. Still, it's worth noting that unless you're using a Grey Knights' Detachment, you don't even get Brotherhood anyway.

    Knights of Titan: Your Troops always hold Objectives. Again, because of 'most models', its imperative that you keep your Strike Knights as cheap as possible - so you can get more of them - or, alternatively, given that you know that your Troops are 20 Points each...You're not going to be able to hold Objectives anyway. If you're playing Grey Knights - without Allies - there's a very real case to be made that you don't even need Troops. Sure, you can't make Battalions. But, if you read your Stratagems, there aren't that many good ones anyway.

    Warlord Traits
    • Daemon-Slayer: -1 To <Daemon> Invulnerable save in the Fight phase. Specific and therefore weak.
    • Hammer of Righteousness: +1 To Wound when your Warlord charges. That's...Nice. But also Hammerhand is a thing that exists and you need to make the Charge in the first place.
    • Unyielding Anvil: Kind of pointless.
    • First to the Fray: Aura. Re-roll Charges. This is incredibly good if you're going to make liberal use of Gate and/or Teleport Strike.
    • Nemesis Lord: Your Warlord's Melee weapon gains +1 Damage. Can't be used on a Relic. This Warlord Trait is for Halberds and Falchions. It's kind of pointless having 4 Damage Hammers.
    • Lore Master: Unlike Space Marines, Grey Knights' Powers actually rock face. While you can't manifest an extra Power per turn, having the utility of extra Powers can be incredibly useful.

    Relics of Titan - If your Warlord is a Grey Knight, give one Relic to any <Character> you want, except named Characters.
    • Fury of Deimos; [Storm Bolter] Rapid Fire 3 Heavy Bolter. With all your good Characters being <Terminators>, and Bolter Discipline existing, this is quite easily your first choice Relic.
    • Destroyer of Crys'yllix; [Nemesis Daemon Hammer] It's good for making Draigo for less points. But why not take Draigo?
    • Banner of Refining Flame; <Ancient> only. Turns your Ancient in to a Purifier. Basically worthless.
    • Soul Glaive; [Nemesis Force Halberd]. Extra -1 to AP, and re-roll To Hit and To Wound. *shrug* It's okay.
    • Domina Liber Daemonica; Basically trash.
    • Cuirass of Sacrifice: <Infantry> only. Gain Ignore Wounds (5+). It's not bad. But it's not good, either.

    Sanctic Discipline
    • Purge Soul (5); Pick a unit. Dice battle. Do the difference in Mortal Wounds. Your Smite sucks, and you can target Characters with it.
    • Gate of Infinity (6); Pick a <Grey Knights> unit and immediately remove it from the board and redeploy it anywhere on the board 9" away from your opponent. This Power is stupidly strong when used correctly, especially at only Warp Charge 6. You want this Power spread around as many units as possible. The more Gates you have in your army, the more options you have. For one of the most expensive armies in the game, they also have the potential to be the most mobile. Mobility allows you to capture Objectives. Objectives win the game. If you're stuck on what Powers to give your GK unit and you're unsure of its role...Give it Gate.
    • Hammerhand (6); Pick a <Grey Knights> unit and give it +1 To Wound. Very strong for Halberds and Warding Staves. You'll want this to show up at least somewhere in your army.
    • Sanctuary (6); Pick a <Grey Knights> unit and give it a 5+ Invulnerable. Or +1 if it already has one. Very good. Again, you'll want this somewhere.
    • Astral Aim (5); Pick a <Grey Knights> unit; That unit doesn't need Line of Sight to shoot at enemy models, and their targets don't get Cover bonuses. This Power is game-winning. Especially in the ITC meta.
    • Vortex of Doom (8); The nearest enemy unit and every other unit - including your units - within 3", take D3 Mortal Wounds. Very strong. Now, while D3 wounds against a unit of 30 might not like seem much...Do you know what a unit of 30 has? A huge footprint. Lots of your opponent's units will be within 3" of that unit - including a Character or three.

    Remember that due to Brotherhood of Psykers, you get +1 to manifest. So that Vortex? It happens on 7+. Grey Knights have incredible Powers, and it is worth taking all of them. Purge Soul is the worst one there, and it's not even bad because you can target Characters with it. Except, due to the way Vortex of Doom works, you can totally target Characters with that, too. Target a Character by dropping a nuke. Works every time.
    It's also really important to remember that no Powers in the GK arsenal have to target the Psyker themselves. This means you can combo your Powers. One particularly good one is throwing a unit forwards with Gate ('cause it's the best, remember?), and then the unit you threw forwards...Uses Vortex of Doom. This is incredibly potent. But, remember. Dice gonna dice.

    Tactical Objectives - If you have a Grey Knights Warlord, these are not optional.
    11. Destroy <Daemon> units. Auto-Discard, or do it easily. No problems.
    12. Manifest Psychic Powers. Aren't you Grey Knights?
    13. Destroy all of your opponent's <Characters>. Yeah. Sure. Good luck. This is a for sure candidate for burning the card the day you buy the deck.
    14. Assassinate, but also include <Monsters>, and get D3 VPs for it? Easy. This is so stupid because destroying all your opponent's Characters gives you 1 VP!? WTF!? In any case, Purge Soul can target Characters if you get in range. And there's always Vortex when you have to be sure.
    15. Destroy a unit, using a unit that used Teleport Strike, Personal Teleporters, Warp Emergence (that's Dragio) or was the target of Gate of Infinity in the same turn. There is no reason you couldn't score this if you built your army even remotely correctly. You can even score this in your opponent's turn...Though how is anyone's guess.
    16. Your opponent picks an Objective. If you score it the turn you draw it, D3 VPs. If you score it at the end of any other turn, 1 VP. Your opponent will absolutely try and screw you over. A good candidate for Discarding before the battle starts every single game.

    Spoiler: Stratagems
    Tactical Flexibility: A unit that has the Combat Squads rule and has 10 models in it, can split into two units of 5 at the start of the Move phase. For 1 CP, you're better off taking two units of 5 and picking up the free Justicar and options for more Special Weapons.

    Truesilver Armour: After a <Vehicle> is dealt a Mortal Wound, ignore it on a 5+, and gain a 5+ save against Mortal Wounds for the rest of the phase. Neat. Stops Thousand Sons from just Smiting your Land Raiders to death.

    Only in Death Does Duty End: When one of your <Characters> dies, he can immediately make a Shooting attack, or Fight. Always useful when your opponent goofs and shoots your character to death while being within 3". Thanks for the free Pile-In, mate.

    Honour the Chapter (3): An <Infantry> unit can Fight again at the end of the phase. Always useful. You will want to use it at least once per game. However whether you have the CPs to make that happen, is anyone's guess.

    Wisdom of the Ancients: One of your <Dreadnoughts> (not Dreadknights) throws out a rr1 to hit Aura. You wont often need it.

    Teleportarium: At the start of the game, give one of your <Infantry> or <Dreadnought> units Teleport Strike. This can be problematic when you didn't budget correctly to put an extra unit in Reserve. Still. It's not even that good. Dreadnoughts don't do a whole lot.

    Mental Focus: It's a problem when the rule's flavour text, is longer than the rule itself. A <GK Psyker> can manifest an extra Power this turn. Not great. What are you gonna do? Cast Smite for 1 Mortal Wound? Sick. Nah. This one's for when you take a Lore Master Warlord and want to dunk on nerds with your superior nerds.

    Teleportation Boost: One of your Interceptor Squads can teleport again. Personal Teleporters is what makes Interceptors a viable unit. Doing it again can be really useful. However, with Bolter Discipline, you don't even really need to get within 12" of a unit anymore. It's more for grabbing Objectives on the other side of the board.

    Psychic Channeling: Roll 3 dice and pick the two highest when manifesting a Power. Remember that you have +1 to manifest just for being GKs.

    The Aegis (2): Roll 3 dice and pick the two highest when Denying the Witch. For 2 CPs it's probably worth just eating the Mortal Wounds.

    Heed the Prognosticars (2): It's like casting Sanctuary, but costs 2 CPs. You know you could just cast Sanctuary, right?

    Armoury of Titan (1/3): 'The Relic Stratagem'. Go back to your Relics page. Do you see more than one good one that you already took? No? Didn't think so.

    Orbital Bombardment (3): Pay 3 CPs to miss. How 'bout you don't do this, and just cast Vortex of Doom, instead - you even get to move.

    Psychic Onslaught (2): Psilencer- and Psycannon-type weapons gain +1 Strength and an additional -1 AP.

    Psybolt Ammunition (2): Bolt weapons wielded by the unit gain +1 Strength and an additional -1 AP. This is where GK Storm Bolters start competing with Deathwatch Storm Bolters. But, for 2 CPs per phase, it's not exactly a fair fight. Your army should always include a unit of 10 models (preferably with Gate or Teleporters) to use this Stratagem at least once per game.

    Finest Hour (2): Double the range of a <Character>'s Auras. Hard pass. Pay 2 CPs, or just castle harder for free?

    Spoiler: HQ
    Lord Kaldor Draigo: While not the best Chapter Master at 180 Points, he's certainly still pretty good. In addition to his Chapter Master Aura, <Grey Knights> within 6" can re-roll Damage against <Daemons>. That's not too special. But it's incredible when you need it. In his hands he wields The Titansword - which is better than a Thunder Hammer - and a Storm Shield, meaning that he's not going to get any use out of Sanctuary. So, as a Psyker that casts 2 Powers per turn, Gate & Vortex is always a fun combination, but Gate & Purge Soul is also handy for knocking out Characters. For...Reasons...Draigo doesn't have Teleport Strike. Instead, he has Warp Emergence, which is identical, and thus takes up page space that could be for anything else.
    Draigo's Warlord Trait is Daemon-Slayer, which means it's only useful vs. Daemons, which means a whole bunch of the time you don't want Draigo as your Warlord - even if he is the least likely to give up your Warlord VP.

    Grand Master Voldus: He's cheaper than Draigo, but he's also not as good. Does the math check out? It does. Generally speaking, in your army you should always include Draigo or Voldus, not both. Other than that? What's there to say? He has a Daemon Hammer that doesn't have a neg to hit. But, he also knows and manifests three Powers per turn. You can combo Voldus himself. Or you can stick him in your backline throwing out Powers. Gate of Infinity the unit next to him. Astral Aim the other unit next to him, and then for shots and googles, chuck on a Sanctuary to someone. But you don't really want to do that. Voldus' Thunder Hammer is just fine. Especially as Voldus has Rites of Battle.
    Voldus' Warlord Trait is Lore Master. But, seriously. What are you gonna do with four known Powers? You know every single unit in your army casts Powers, and you want four of them to come from the same place on the board? ...Course you don't.

    Grand Master: Coming in at a decent 132 Points, your Grand Master is more expensive than a Marine Smash Captain. Is it worth it? ...Sort of? S5, AP-2 is the meta, so go with the standard Halberd. With 5 Attacks, you don't need the extra attack that Falchions would give you. A Warding Stave - combined with your Iron Halo - would take your 'Master to a 3+ Invulnerable save, and why bother with the Stave when you can just cast Sanctuary on yourself? Force Swords are just generally terrible. Grand Masters generally make pretty good Warlords because you wont be tempted to throw them straight into Melee and get them killed. Just hang out with Fury of Deimons, you'll be okay. Alternatively, if you do decide to pick up the Destroyer of Crys'ylix, you can basically make a mini-Draigo for 35 Points less than actually taking Draigo.

    Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight: GMNDs are odd ducks. Every time they move they're taking -1 to hit on their guns. But, also, they're not actually fast enough to make it into Melee without Gate. And why use Gate on a Dreadknight when you can also use it on anything else, instead? Sanctuary is a fun Power to have because GW goof'd real hard and made Dreadknights have more than 9 Wounds, which means that they can generally die on Turn 1 unless you hide them, or present better targets (but seriously, what's a better target than a GMND?). You could use a Dreadknight Teleporter to keep it in Reserve on Turn 1 so it doesn't die, but then you aren't using the rr1 Aura that the GMND does. Now, there are several illegal models running around the meta. But, read closely. A Dreadknight can have two ranged weapons, but may only have one of each. The Psilencer is a flat 12 shots, which is always nice (especially if you're gonna take -1 to hit), the Incinerator is a fairly attractive option because it automatically hits, and unlike other Flamer-type weapons, it's range is 12", not 8". So if you do decide that you want a Dreadknight Teleporter, take the Incinerator. Finally, the Psycannon. With half the number of shots of the Psilencer, it does pack one important factor...The Psycannon isn't S4, so once you start aiming at targets that are T5 or better, the Psycannon is best. As for Melee options, the only option worth taking is the Greatsword.

    Castellan Crowe: Being able to Wound better doesn't matter if you have no AP. No-one cares about S10, AP0 that only does 1 Damage, even if the S10 does wound. His Warlord Trait is irrelevant because you shouldn't even buy him, let alone put him on the table. As a Purifier, the most dangerous thing about him is his Smite. Not his garbage-tastic Sword that doesn't do anything.

    Brother-Captain Stern: He's not very good. Like Crowe, he's actually less points than a normal version of his model. Why? Because he's bad. Stern can re-roll one to hit, to wound or saving throw in your turn only. To compensate, your opponent can do the same thing in their turn...For any model they like. This is a huge negative, because it's basically handing your opponent a Command Re-roll for anything they want, whereas you get a Command Point for Stern, only. Stern has a special Smite, which is just as terrible as all your other Smites. But, against <Daemon> models, Stern's Smite is actually a 6" AoE. After we've said something nice about Stern, though, we again have to point out the negatives; He has a Force Sword which is the worst of all worlds, and his Warlord Trait is nothing.

    Brother-Captain: Grey Knight Captains are more like Lieutenants in other Chapters. Brother-Captains don't have Rites of Battle. Instead, they have Psychic Locus which doubles the range of your Smites manifested within 6". But, since you're Grey Knights, your Smites aren't even that good, unless you're talking about Purifiers. It which case they're good...Provided you can get into range.

    Librarian: 'in Terminator Armour'. Unlike Grand Masters and Brother-Captains, Librarians don't have Iron Halos, and so start with a 5+ Invulnerable, which is terrible. That's okay. Librarians start with Warding Staves and no Storm Bolter. This is fine. If you desperately want to use Teleport Strike, it is worth knowing that a Librarian is the only place where Grey Knights find Combi-Weapons. Combi-Meltas and -Plasmas pair pretty well with Teleport Strike and there really isn't a reason not to.
    • Storm Shields; Using Index: Imperium I, your Librarians can pick up a Storm Shield for a 3+ Invulnerable. While this does cost 15 Points which is gross, Chapter Approved '18, gave GK Librarians a ~45 Point reduction which actually makes this palatable, and if you're going to do that,

    Techmarine: Techmarines are good 'cause they're cheap. Not much else. Occasionally they might fix one of your <Vehicles>. But that's it. You're forced into taking the Plasma Cutter and Flamer (and free Servo-Arms). But, even then, you're still the cheapest HQ (and still more useful than Crowe).
    • No Power Axes!; Using Index: Imperium I, your Techmarines can trade out their Power Axe for something that doesn't cost points and compete with double Servo-Arms. Swap the 5 Point Axe for a free Chainsword.

    Chaplain: 'in Terminator Armour'. Comes with a 4+ Invulnerable save, which is always nice. But, fact is, unlike other Grey Knights, he doesn't carry a Force Weapon which makes him fairly terrible. Overall, he's just not that good. Re-rolling 1s to hit from a Grand Master is just fine, thank you very much. You just wont be spamming enough Daemon Hammers to make Re-roll all to hits that useful. The reason Draigo's good, is because he's Draigo. Not because he gives re-rolls to hit (although that is part of it).

    Brotherhood Champion: He's locked into a Force Sword, which is pretty bad. He doesn't force multiply, so in that sense, a Techmarine is better. +1 to wound is nice. But then so is Hammerhand on a Halberd. The 1+ Save and 3+ Invulnerable in the Fight phase is good for a laugh. But if you want a model with a 3+ save in the Fight phase, there are way better ways to do it. If you want a cheap HQ, there's another way to do it. There's just no space for this model in your army list without a complete

    Spoiler: Troops
    Terminator Squad: Coming in at a nice 41 Points each, Terminators have 2 Wounds. Coming in at 42 Points, two Strike Knights, would also have 2 Wounds, but they'd have twice the guns, and twice the models, and when it comes to Troops units, #models, is what counts more than anything else. So, yeah. That's it. You can have 5 Terminators. Or, for +10 Points, you can have 10 Strike Knights. The only reason to take Terminators over Strike Knights, is if your plan is to run all Warding Staves and repeatedly cast Sanctuary all the time. That said, because Terminators have more than one attack, turns out that Halberds are their best option.

    Strike Squad: Teleport Strike on a Troops unit is really good. Bolter Discipline on a unit that contains nothing but Storm Bolters, is also really good. Grey Knight Troops have fantastic utility, and on your turn, they're pretty amazing. Unfortunately, in your opponents' turn, what they see is 21 Point models that aren't any harder to kill than 13 Point models. So in that sense, it's a really hard sell to move your Strike Knights out of your own DZ if they started the game on the board (hence, Bolter Discipline). If they didn't start the game on the board, you have a few more options. But, regardless, you're going to want a unit of 10 Storm Bolters on the board for a Turn 1 Psybolt Ammo, and Strike Knights are the cheapest way to do that.

    As mentioned earlier under Knights of Titan, there's a genuine concern that against most competitive armies, even with KoT, you're not going to be able to hold Objectives anyway, because GK Troops are just too expensive for what they can do (e.g; Deathwatch Veterans with Storm Bolters and Storm Shields, cost less than Strike Knights, and are Just Better). The way that Grey Knights capture Objectives is by murdering their opponent. Even if your Chaos Daemons' opponent drops a Daemonic Incursion, they'll have to set up 9" away, which means that the Objective is yours, even if they do respawn.

    Spoiler: Elites
    Apothecary: A number of models and units in the Elites section benefit greatly from having an Apothecary around. With four attacks and the single Falchion not giving an extra attack, the best choice is the Halberd. But, since there's no extra attack, even a Force Sword is better than a Falchion that does nothing. Additionally, as your cheapest Elite, they're very handy for making Vanguard Detachments.
    No, Servitors don't count.

    Brotherhood Ancient: Teleport Strike down with whatever unit is closest to your opponent's, make the Charge, and make sure you conga-line back to the Ancient. A Brotherhood Ancient just isn't that necessary. Besides, like a nerd, he can only take a single Falchion. What even is that?

    Paladin Squad: At 49 Points, a single Paladin with 3 Wounds is much cheaper than the 63 Points it would take to get the equivalent Strike Knights. You're not Troops, so number of models in the unit is kind of pointless. So you could go with 3, or 10. Either way, it doesn't matter because the only way you're capping an Objective with Paladins is if your opponents' units are dead. Nemesis Falchions will make short work of anything. Once again, since Paladins would have 4 attacks each, they actually would be equivalent to 2 Strike Knights, also with Falchions. The difference of course, being the number of wounds. So yeah. Paladins are good. Take as many as you want. They work in small units of 3 out of Teleport Strike. They do fantastically as a big unit of 10 coming out of a Gate.
    Also, remember that as Paladins are <Terminators>, they can move around the board and still fire four shots out of their Storm Bolters. Additionally, as Terminators they have a natural Invulnerable save, which means a few Warding Staves in the unit and a Sanctuary doesn't go far wrong.

    Paladin Ancient: 8 Points more than the Brotherhood Ancient. Better WS and an extra attack (doesn't matter on an Ancient, why is he in combat?). However, unlike a Brotherhood Ancient, you get to swap out your Storm Bolter for a Special Weapon. If you read that correctly, your comprehension should have told you 'Pay points to pay points'. Hard pass. The Brotherhood Ancient does the same job, with the same amount of Wounds, for 8 less points. It's not much. But it is 8 Points.

    Purifier Squad: Same points as Strike Knights, except you lose Teleport Strike and Knights of Titan. That's fine. As we established, you're not grabbing Objectives anyway, and with Bolter Discipline, Teleport Strike isn't even that useful 'cause Rapid Fire doesn't mean anything to Astartes anymore. Disappointingly, despite Purifiers being 'Veterans' (i.e; Ld 8/9), Purifiers only have one attack - because I guess GW forgot how to write Astartes books - which means it's Falchions or nothing.

    Dreadnought: The biggest problem with Grey Knights is that they lack multi-Damage ranged weapons to bust things like Imperial Knights, Wyverns or Basilisks sitting behind Infantry screens. That's where your Dreadnoughts come in. Not this one, though...

    Venerable Dreadnought: Pay 20 more points for a better BS, and Ignore Wounds (6+). It is worth it. First thing you're gonna do is drop that stupid Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon. You're Grey Knights. If you want to destroy a unit in Melee, use anything else. You're Grey Knights, which means that the only place you're getting Lascannons and Missile Launchers, is on your Dreads. So don't be screwing around. Astral Aim is incredible on Dreadnoughts, since it means you can hide your unit out of LoS and still shoot whatever you want (especially Wyverns and Basilisks doing the same thing). That said, if you fail to manifest your AA, your Dreadnought wont do anything for the turn, and that's dumb.

    Servitors: With Techmarines not being awful, you have the option of some stupidly cheap Heavy weapons. Sure, they're only BS4. But 15 Point Heavy Bolters and 21 Point Plasma Cannons aren't bad at all. Of course, being Servitors, they will die if your opponent looks at them.

    Spoiler: Fast Attack
    Interceptor Squad: At 23 Points over a Strike Knight's 19, you get a 12" Move which allows you to move over stuff, and, once per game, each Interceptor unit gets a free Gate of Infinity. Again, single attacks means Falchions. The free Gate is really good as it will freak your opponent out, basically immediately if you go super-aggressive on Turn 1, with three units of Interceptors (even units of 5), and a unit that's Gated. If you're going to play with this strat, it's basically mandatory that your Warlord has First to the Fray, because if you botch any Charge rolls, you're gonna have a bad time.
    As far as the Storm Bolters are concerned, Bolter Discpline kind of negates your need to be that close to the enemy...Ever. But, with that said, Personal Teleporters do let you go anywhere you want, to get angles on models that are out of LoS. So, while it isn't nothing, it's not exactly necessary. The main role for Interceptors in a post-Bolter Discipline world is to grab Objectives in later turns. Which, again, is useful. But any unit that can manifest Gate can do the same thing...Just, Interceptors just do it without rolling dice.

    Is +2 Points per model worth a free Gate once per game? ...Weeellll, kind of!

    While it isn't wrong to start your list with 30 Interceptors, it's not the best play you can make.

    Spoiler: Heavy Support
    Purgation Squad: Lose Teleport Strike. Gain four Special weapons per five models. That's it. If your Strike Knights and Interceptors are moving around the board too much, having that -1 to hit on all your Special Weapons is going to get old. Instead of that, feel free to dump all your Special Weapons into this squad. As always, it's gonna be Falchions only. Now, Strike Knights are relative garbage. But, what you can do is add Storm Bolter Knights to this squad to protect your Special Weapons. You've got Bolter Discipline and you wont be moving. Extra Storm Bolters are not dead weight.

    Nemesis Dreadknight: As per the GMND (HQ). Except it's 40 Points less, doesn't hand out rr1 to hit, and only manifests one Power per turn. Take them or don't.

    Land Raider: Very similar to Dreadnoughts, earlier, where else are you gonna get Lascannons? Not only that, but T8 Lascannons? They don't even take negs to hit when they move! Overall, the Grey Knights Codex is so shallow, that Land Raiders are actually viable options because there's simply nothing else in the book like them. Never take just one.

    Land Raider Crusader: Hurricane Bolters aren't necessary like they are in other Codecies because in this book, everything you own has its own Storm Bolter. But let's say you want to move a unit around the board? ...How 'bout you don't put them in a Crusader, and you use Gate.

    Land Raider Redeemer: *Groan* No.

    Spoiler: Transports
    Rhino: Try again. You've got Gate and Teleport Strike for all your mobility needs, and for Storm Bolters, you've got anything else.

    Razorback: Your third best range anti-armour unit in the book. What makes Razorbacks good in the GK book, when they're total trash in every other book? You guessed it. They have access to Twin Lascannons. That's the only reason they even get a look in. If you're taking Land Raiders or Dreadnoughts, you don't need Razorbacks.

    Spoiler: Fliers
    Stormhawk Interceptor: Whoever designed the rules for this unit needs their head checked. Avoid. Once of the worst units in the book. Unless, you're in a meta where people regularly bring 7 Aeldari Fliers to the table. In which case Stormhawks are basically mandatory. And you must be very sad. First, your meta has people who bring 7 Aeldari Fliers to the table, and second; You're forced to buy Stormhawks. Ew.[/COLOR]

    Stormraven Gunship: Coming in at a minimum of more than a Land Raider, the Stormraven trades T8 16W, for T7, 14W, and -1 to hit. When looking at [Hurricane Bolters (x2), Twin Assault Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolter] you'll notice that it's nothing Grey Knights can't do already. If you're wanting to look at other weapons, like a Twin Multi-Melta or Twin Lascannon, you get even more expensive than 315 and you should be seeing a problem with that.

    Stormtalon Gunship: The total opposite of the Stormhawk. +1 to hit models that don't have <Fly>, and can additionally Hover Jet, so it doesn't have to move and take negs on its Heavy weapons, which ultimately gives you a BS2+ Twin Assault Cannon. Unfortunately, in the GK Codex, that's not enough to save it. It's only T6, and if you're going to use Hover Jet - and thus, lose -1 to hit - like you should be, T6 just isn't enough for a Vehicle that definitely will get targeted.

    Finally, just to add...

    Spoiler: Codex: Space Marines
    Codex: Space Marines Librarians have one Psychic Power that is almost worthless in their own book, and a second Power that is just...Useful.

    Veil of Time (6); Target <Adeptus Astartes> unit (that means Grey Knights, see?) within 18" can re-roll Advance and Charge rolls, and gains Always Strike First until the start of your next Psychic phase.
    Might of Heroes (6); Target <Adeptus Astartes> unit gains +1S, T and A. This isn't that good, except it kind of is. If you combine S10 with Hammerhand, you'll get to pretend that you're Blood Angels. You can bump the T of your Characters up to 5, to make them Custodes, or you can bump the T of a Dreadnought or Razorback to 8, or a Land Raider to 9. It's a fairly versatile Power that's only as useful as the model it's being used on.

    Now, frustratingly, you'll notice that Grey Knights is a single-Faction Codex, yet only has two pages of Stratagems, which is pretty terrible since almost every other Codex gets three pages.

    Unlike Chaos Daemons, GW hasn't got around to making Space Marines Stratagems 'Stratagems from this book can only be used on models from this book.' So, a Space Marines Detachment will give you access to the following.

    Auspex Scan (2); When an opponent's unit arrives on the battlefield within 12" of your <Adeptus Astartes Infantry> unit, you can shoot at it with -1 to hit. If someone wants to set up within 12" of Storm Bolters, you let them.
    Armour of Contempt; It's Truesilver Armour, but it targets any <Adeptus Astartes Vehicle> and it has a different name - so you can use it in the same phase.
    Death to the Traitors!; When an <Adeptus Astartes> unit Fights a <Heretic Astartes> unit, a 6+ to hit generates an additional attack. This is very handy for dealing with Chaos Marines that pull double duty as <Daemons> (e.g; Thousand Sons and Lord Discordants).

    The latter two aren't that good, but Auspex Scan is generally useful in most games.
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