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Thread: The Twofold Houses 5: Rebuilding

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    [Cessie's Lab]

    Adir takes a step back as Sakura interposes herself, and the lines in his face deepen. He laughs as he talks, but it's utterly mirthless. "Sakura, you mean like how you're attacking me? Right now?" Sort of walked into that one. His face stiffens and his fury reasserts, but there's a touch enough of hurt there too. "I just said I was sorry. I meant it. Take it or don't. And Cessie--"

    He looks at her, eyes widening slightly. "What-- what the hell are you talking about? Throwing it all away?" His confusion seems genuine.

    [Treasure Hunting]

    "There always is,"
    Zillia agrees, and with that Reelshka might suddenly find herself deposited on the far side of the wall, facing the kids again. They will have been, mysteriously, looking away at the time. Or perhaps blinking.

    Cernunnos shrugs. "He looks like a human an' a deer, doesn't he?"

    Gwydion nods. "Not too much of either."

    "What are we talking about now?"
    Adir asks with a brow cocked and a smirk on his face as he reappears. Though unlike Reelshka, he doesn't pop out of a wall, he simply returns from the hallway.
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