Joe Bob

Alias: Technically Joe Bob is an alias. See Backstory for more details

Gender: Prefers to think of itself as male

Race / Species: Demon

Age: Couple Millenia

Alignment: Direct Quote: "I like to think myself as a morally gray lightning"

Class / Profession: Mercenary in the lightest sense of the word

Power Rating: Solid "A"

Description: The demon, while technically formless, chooses to manifest itself as a large amount of random bugs. From flies to cicadas, any bug can be found flying around the main "body" of the demon. The body itself is a large storm cloud which shoots purple lighting in its interior every thirty second or so. Somehow, perplexing the human mind, the demon speaks in a Chicago accent.

Personality: Joe Bob makes jokes during combat, during everything really, and is light hearted. It is a rare occurrence that Joe Bob actually gets angry, and heaven protect the cause of that anger.

Equipment: Nothing, the demon is completely naked. Not like it could wear anything in the first place.

1) It can swarm into anyone that it engulfs

2) It can shoot lightning bolts

3) It heals from electrical attacks

4) It can fly

5) It resists magic

6) It's formless, so any nonmagical projectile attack usually just passes through it without any damage

6.5) This kind of goes into the formless category as Joe Bob also has the ability to shift into a fully fledged storm

7) It's one weakness is that it has to tell the truth, and any oaths he makes he is bound by them

8) He can teleport once per day to any location anywhere

Backstory: A long time ago a demon, who's name is unpronounceable, decided he wanted out of hell. It was boring there, and nothing really happened any more. So it left, and toke on the name of Joe Bob. It hopped from place to place until finally it gained the ire of another demon. Joe Bob knew that if this other demon found him, he'd be in a lot of trouble, so he packed up and left for the Nexus.

Misc: This is another mini boss from the Dark Tower plot, I fall in love with these ideas too easily.