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    Lightbulb Re: Base Class Contest Chat Thread V: I Scored at the Top of My Base Class

    Quote Originally Posted by sengmeng View Post
    Feyblessed is playable. Feats and more paths may come.

    I really question if it's balanced, since it has 9th level spells and full BAB. But, the Druid is hailed as one of the toughest gishes in the game, and this one has stunted spellcasting compared to them, which it has to sacrifice to gain wildshape instead of having it as a separate ability, and also an extremely restrictive oath compared to druids: no proficiency in armor or weapons and loss of all class abilities if broken. On the other hand, it has two more skills and all good saves. Anyone care to PEACH?
    The Feyblessed looks really cool, but I had a couple of ideas.

    First of all, the oath seems... flavor inappropriate? I guess to me, the idea of that fey don't make leather armor or weapons seems alien.
    Second, I feel like being a prepared spellcaster is the wrong choice for this type of character, at least, power wise. They feel like they can honestly do a -lot- because of that. If your goal is to make a tier 1 one class that can go toe to toe with the druid though, then I don't think this is a problem.

    Finally, from a design standpoint I dislike the dead level at 19th, and the continued use of 1d3 for unarmed damage (it's an awkward dice size I feel should be moved away from when possible).

    Overall, it does look pretty good, I just think it could use some more refinement and punch.
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