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The Feyblessed looks really cool, but I had a couple of ideas.

First of all, the oath seems... flavor inappropriate? I guess to me, the idea of that fey don't make leather armor or weapons seems alien.
Second, I feel like being a prepared spellcaster is the wrong choice for this type of character, at least, power wise. They feel like they can honestly do a -lot- because of that. If your goal is to make a tier 1 one class that can go toe to toe with the druid though, then I don't think this is a problem.

Finally, from a design standpoint I dislike the dead level at 19th, and the continued use of 1d3 for unarmed damage (it's an awkward dice size I feel should be moved away from when possible).

Overall, it does look pretty good, I just think it could use some more refinement and punch.
Thanks! I guess the balance sits fine with you at least. I think your problem with the oath could be fixed with more fluff support (since 4 of the 5 paths are named for animals, I was thinking that the oath was less about being like a fey and more about getting in touch with the beast within, which I failed to state). I'm not sure how to balance spontaneous casting with the druid spell list and I've always heard that favored souls suck because they apply the sorcerer's idea to a spell list that it doesn't work for. Themewise, it is the naturey version of a favored soul, but I don't want to make the same mistakes.

I agree about the unarmed damage and it wouldnt be gamebreaking to boost it to 1d4 at level 1 (or rather, increase the dice size by one in the case of characters other than the standard medium sized humanoids). Later the paths all give you ways to pile on more damage, so I'd probably have it stay the same all the way through.

I've been criticized before for filling every level, so this time for once I erred on the side of caution. Really though, there's no such thing as a dead level on a full caster, but I suppose I could move the final DR increase to 19th level. I'm open to other suggestions too, on that and for other paths. Is there any other sufficiently distinct combat style that a ferocious animal could represent? I dont want to make one based on cute fluffy bunnies or anything like that because I'd probably end up making five more instead of 1 or 2. I was thinking maybe a leader type represented by a lion, but the wolf covers group tactics pretty well. Maybe a crocodile or shark for aquatic campaigns? A dragon? Thanks again for the prompt response and positivity :)