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[Cessie's Lab]

"You don't get to choose or judge that,"
Adir tells Cessie. "Even if it made any sense. We've been taking care of them just fine. If you want to help, or offer, or give some friendly advice, you don't come at us - at me - like that."

"It sure feels like it,"
he tells Sakura. "When you aren't trying to make Cessie answer for anything. What the hell is this? Who's married to who, here? You could at least try to understand why I'm so angry. You should already know."

"I don't really think Cessie shouldn't have had the kids. It's not something I would ever wish,"
Adir scowls, and his speech becomes halting. "And I don't really think... she drove anyone away..." Hrrm. They can see Adir's eyes wavering, almost seeming to parse over invisible words as he goes over what he said again in his head.

"I'm sorry, Cessie,"
Adir lowers his head and rubs his palm and fingers over his eyes. "I'm sorry. That was nasty and cruel and stupid."
[Cessie's Lab]

Cessie doesn't appear to be appeased by Adir's apology. Not yet. "I don't know what to say, Adir. I never imagined anyone saying such hurtful things to me and I can't help but to wonder where from you channeled all that from. Did you really not mean anything of that?"