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[Cessie's Lab]

Cessie doesn't appear to be appeased by Adir's apology. Not yet. "I don't know what to say, Adir. I never imagined anyone saying such hurtful things to me and I can't help but to wonder where from you channeled all that from. Did you really not mean anything of that?"

"I didn't say that,"
Adir affirms. "I went too far. But if I could go back... Cessie, I'd only omit what I've already mentioned."

He frowns and his brows knit together. "I think it should be pretty obvious where I'm channeling this from, though, Cessie."
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[Treasure Hunting]

Brinika giggles.

"I've never worn a ring. I'd love to get one from you."

Meanwhile, Tuskfang is in awe of the library. He's never seen anything like that! So many books...

"It's so biiiiiig," he gasps. "I didn't know there were so many books!"

"You were in a big library before, Tuskfang. But you were just a baby. It was when I had your name written into my family book. That's how goblins do it."

The "book" was a slab of stone, actually, but let's not confuse the little kid more.
Gwydion blush darkens his face to a chocolate brown, but he's distracted by Tuskfang's outburst. "You didn't know there were so many? Like in the whole world?" Gwydion's eyes widen. "There's millions an' millions of books."

"What do we do?"
Asks Cernunnos.

The girls might hear Adir's voice a little ways down the hall, talking with... Zillia? Scheming, no doubt.