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    I'm saying that, when learning a foreign language, your written skills are almost universally better than your speaking skills. As an example, my brother is nearly fluent in written French, but he speaks like a five-year old; as well, I can read and write Spanish with fair clarity, perhaps equivilent to a grade schooler, but my speaking vocabulary isn't much beyond a three-year old.

    Now, I don't have any examples to provide that don't include a Romance language, but what I'm saying is that if you can't write something, you shouldn't be able to say it, not vice-versa. Written vocabulary is almost universally greater than spoken vocabulary, even in native tongues. I can write antidisestablishmentarism, but don't ask me to say it.

    Of course, if literacy isn't the norm, then the two skills should be divorced entirely - or rather, illiterate people shouldn't worry about the written side, while the literate would still tend towards having more literate fluency than spoken fluency.
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