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    I'm still confused by Runepriest Rune States. More specifically, the Hybrid Runepriest.
    From what I could gather, the Runic keyword on the power states you choose one of the runes, and then apply the relevant effects of the power. Then you enter the associated rune state.
    This seems to suggest that you can enter a rune state regardless of if the power actually hits or not, and that you don't need the Rune Master class feature at all, you just need a power with the Runic keyword. (Meaning even stuff like Dilettante or even a simple Runepriest MC for the 1/day Rune of Mending is fair game for entering a rune state.)
    However, without the Rune Master class feature, both the Rune of Destruction and the Rune of Protection states don't really do anything. So for example, Hybrids without the relevant Hybrid Talent enter rune states but don't gain any direct benefit from them.

    On to the actual main question then: am I correct in the following assumption that other rune states work for hybrids and other characters that picked up a Runic power?
    The Rune Master class feature only gives benefits to being in the rune states associated with the Destruction and Protection runes. Meanwhile, various Paragon Paths for the Runepriest as well as a few obscure Rare Alternative Rewards from D394 give a Runepriest more rune states to play with. They can be entered whenever you would enter another rune state (i.e. the rune state of Destruction/Protection when using a Runic power and picking a rider), which means that anybody who has picked up a Runic power and one of the Paragon Paths or Alternative Rewards can also enter the extra state granted by the PP/AR. Because the benefits of said state are given in the Paragon Path or reward description without a mention to the Rune Master class feature, I presume these extra states work as intended regardless of the class feature.

    Feels a bit weird to be able to effectively poach a benefit like that. I guess it's only really relevant for the D394 runes (since I believe the PP ones end once you use the benefit, meaning you'd have to use another Runic power to enter it again), which are Rare Alternative Rewards players generally shouldn't get their hands on, so it probably doesn't have much significance in the first place.
    Lowkey also annoyed that the few extra Rune States are paragon-tier rare items that can only be given out by DMs who are extremely unlikely to have even heard of the things...
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