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    Spoiler: A little background
    Ever since the wee grades I have been super into maps, and more specifically, drawing them. My friends and I would often draw maps and give them perhaps the most general details, but we never really made them into anything beyond a picture. To this day, I begin my world building attempts with a map, and I very rarely get to much beyond that, much to my chagrin. However, I recently read "Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding" which included a chapter on this very subject. This chapter (written beautifully by Jonathon Roberts) helped me understand not only why maps are so important when creating a world, but also how to do them well. This book was awesome in so many ways, but it definitely helped me with my map-making capabilities specifically.

    I don't know if all you world-builder's share this love of map making with me, but if you want help with this part of your world building project, I would love to provide. Making maps for an explicit purpose is much more enjoyable then simply making a coastline that festers away in a folder forever.

    I use a few different free softwares when I make maps on my own, but I am open to others.
    Here are some different maps of mine in various stages of development, made with different programs.

    Spoiler: Made using Inkarnate

    Spoiler: Made using Microsoft Paint

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