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    Quote Originally Posted by lacco36 View Post

    These are rather nice, Dromedary.

    I also love making maps, but mine are usually rather unsatisfactory. I prefer drawing with pencil and just lately returned to this hobby of mine (making fantasy lands not only inside my head, but actually drawn on map), but I'll gladly collaborate in my spare time.

    One question: would you be interested in making an area map? I am going to run a manor-centric game, but would like to have the estate mapped. Historic look is something I would go for, if I had the time and skill...
    My micro-mapping capabilities I'm sure wouldn't be as good, but I might be able to give it a shot. Not sure what you mean by historic look though.

    If you're willing, I have a set of continent-level hex maps I would love to have drawn up more pretty.

    Here's the main one:

    The ring-shaped mountain range is quite high and has a flat plateau (with a dormant volcano in the center. The central grasslands are rolling plains (like the midwest US), separated by a low range of barrier hills from the jungle to the south which falls off in altitude. This is the western side of a continent, with the top about the same latitude as New England and the south about the same as the Caribbean (sub-tropical/tropical border).

    Artistic license is just fine though =).

    I'm interested in seeing what you can make of it.
    Would you like the Inkarnate style or are you fine with the simpler paint or AutoREALM looks?

    Do you ever do the voronoi diagram style political maps that show who holds what population centers?
    Yeah, I can do political. I usually do geographic, and I find it way to cluttered to do both, but political is fine.

    EDIT: Here is a very simple geo map for you PhoenixPhyre. I haven't added cities, and different terrain types are only marked with colors. I can still do it in Inkarnate too, if desired.
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