Rakinen had twin goals in mind: get to the administration building to get information about Jerrick's room and his normal whereabouts, and prevent Solys from breaking another building (or anyone inside it) should that become a problem -- that would be very bad. Those goals required getting to the building first, or as close to first as his speed would allow. He paid little heed of the surroundings as he rushed forward toward the vine-covered building, taking care only not to bowl over any pedestrians that might be in the way, but otherwise instinctively cutting a remarkably efficient path along the inner arc of the sidewalk.

The scenes were interesting enough as art, but there wasn't time for art at the moment. The architecture was unusual and eye-catching, for someone who was willing for their eye to be caught -- but this wasn't a guided tour. He was used enough to people looking at him briefly; that could mean any of a hundred things, and none of those mattered right now either.