After I posted this thread a few days ago I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on the subject of map-making and I learned some drawing techniques that inspired me to make a hand drawn map. I drew one in pencil, and although I haven't inked it, I think it looks pretty good.

Spoiler: This is my hand drawn map

I will ink this soon, and when I do, I intend to make more hand drawn maps with maybe a little bit of digital editing at the end. I might as well make them for any of you playgrounders as opposed to just making more and more worlds with no purpose. So if you want me to make you a map, I'd be glad to work with you. But it will take longer than just whipping something up in Inkarnate. (I could still whip you something up in Inkarnate if you preferred that, but I am trying to move away from that sort of thing.)

And Zorku, I could definitely do a political map with provinces and everything, although it would obviously be more abstract than geographical maps like the one above.