Hey all, I'm a huge anime and manga fan so I try to support as many Kickstarters for anime and manga as possible. Well, there's a big one right now! Aria the Animation! Aria is a slice-of-life sort of series set on the watery world of Aqua where Akari Mizunashi spends gentle days training to become an undine, a female gondolier who navigates the canals of the city of Neo-Venezia. As she guides residents, tourists, and friends, Akari grows and faces challenges. This is a sweet story of friendship and a young girl pursing her dream.

We're trying to reach a goal that will mean every episode, every poetic moment, and so much content never before released outside Japan will be brought to America! The project's been going for a bit but we really need every pledge to get to the last few goals!

Will you join Akari on her journey to become one of Aria Company's best gondoliers? Will you visit the charming world of Aqua to see a possible vision of the future? Will you help make over a thousand anime fans' hopes come true and pledge even just a dollar to get us closer to the goal of seeing the entire Aria franchise released on Blu-Ray with English dubbing?

Just remember: no sappy lines allowed!

Thank you all so much for reading! If even just one of you comes to join us in this Kickstarter, if even one person finds joy in this anime, then that will be enough.