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    Ah, well. Thanks for the question, Don. I guess I haven't stated clearly enough that my character creation system is not designed to be used in a standard D&D campaign (And at least not a high level one). This will become clearer and clearer when I add more rules. The system may be said to be roughly designed around characters with the approximate power of third-level characters, where stats higher than 18 really shouldn't exist.

    However, I am adding this to the net so that the most people possible can benefit from it, and if people seem interested enough, I intend to add optional rules that will make it possible to use some of my rules in conjugation with different types of campaigns.

    I'll add some text to my original post to minimize confusion in the future.

    [Edit] Saw your post first now, purplearcanist. Damn avatar :P The advantages I have currently are in the examples-spoiler under feats. As for your addition, I think such a guild system can be fun in a lot of campaigns, but I feel that it is a bit too setting-dependant to add to my base rules. My system is designed around a very "realistic" campaign, and I feel that guilds granting fear-immunity aren't really "realistic".

    Though, as I noted above in my answer to TheDon's question, I will consider adding ways to implement aspects of other systems into mine and vice versa if there is enough interest around it. But only when I'm done adding all the rules I have allready created... Which might take a while :P

    [Another edit] I thought up a quick way to make my skill system slightly more plausible to work for a high level campaign. Adding a simple maximum value should make it possible to use.

    Minimum 10 xp ->(100xp - [Int. x 5xp]) + Current rank x (5xp - Ability mod.)<- Minimum 1xp

    The system is still probably wildly unbalanced for high-level play. But a solution along these lines could solve some problems, without making it overly complicated.
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