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Thread: The Fire and The Black: Daemonfold [IC]

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    Spoiler: The Room
    As Solys shifts, the smell of paper, ink, and burnt forms of the former fill her nose. The room is clearly dominated by these three scents, but hints of others are also present. Most are mundane, though there's a curious, supernaturally clean smell in the wardrobe, likely from magically-cleaned clothes. Otherwise, nothing of note at first, until Solys catches an out of place odour. It smells faint, and seems to be coming from one of the desk drawers, but it's undeniably...perfume.

    Moving closer, Solys finds the source drawer and easily opens it, finding the scent to be coming from a single glove. It's well-made, and embroidered with what looks like a flower but subtly shifts as Solys looks at it, looking a bit like a shining sun before reverting to its former form.

    Everything but the glove seems to have been taken from the drawer, with an odd, rather small nick in the inside of it as if something had been pressed against the wood with significant force.

    There's another, very faint, odd smell in the room, but Solys can't pinpoint it, or determine just what it is, though there's an oddly...alchemical whiff to it. Like something she might smell in some alchemist's workshop full of foreign ingredients and unusual formulae.

    Tsōlg finds it a difficult task to determine which reasons there were for the tearing out of the pages, though he does come across a likely explanation. It seems that the practically focused sections of each book have been removed - the only ones of those remaining are covered in hastily-scrawled lines dividing them into seemingly arbitrary sections, which each have a large X marked over them. One book, "Fundamentals of Abjuration: Mage Armor", which seems to be a relatively short (only ~40 pages) tome going in depth into the magical theory and practical benefits one can glean from the titular spell, is notable in that it has no torn out pages, or ink marks aside from a few old notes in the margins. However, several parts of the pages are discolored, as if some small amount of liquid had been spilled on each page in an almost identical manner near the edges.

    It's only when he leaves the bookshelf that Tsōlg finds more of note. A sweep with his spell reveals a faint Abjuration aura at the door, and then a very faint one, almost too faint to be seen, somewhere inside what seems to be a bucket filled with thoroughly torn-up papers, broken quills and even a cracked inkwell. At the very bottom, wrapped in layers of crumpled, blank paper, is a finger-sized metal bottle. It's relatively unassuming, shaped similar to a test tube many alchemists use to store mixtures before adding them to other concoctions, or occasionally for potions. The inside is a touch odd, as the metal there has an almost...oily quality to it, shimmering ever so slightly in the light. The outside is unmarked except for a somewhat triangular symbol with a circle inside it, near another semi-triangular shape, under another circle.

    Tsōlg's spell detects the faintest of auras clinging tightly to the inside of the bottle, with an odd sheen to it. He can't identify the aura.

    Spoiler: Solys Knowledges
    The glove's symbol is a relatively infrequently used symbol for "good from beauty", occasionally affiliated with some parts of the Dawnflower's church but more commonly seen as a semi-secular symbol meant to indicate a desire to do what good one can despite difficult circumstances. More recently it's been used by some tieflings, to represent a move from earthly attachments to more spiritually advanced behavior.

    The nicks on the wood are too light to have been caused by anything very heavy or metal - they're likely the result of something like a book being roughly removed from the drawer.

    Spoiler: Outside
    Erilia nods at what Rakinen says, lips pressed against each other for a moment before she seems ready to speak, though Cecil begins before she does, causing her to chuckle briefly. "Your friend is right. Unless you intend to smuggle something in here, there's little chance of that being possible. And I would prefer to keep things a touch more...focused," she says, with a nod.

    "Regarding Jerrick - unfortunately, I don't have a great deal of information, either. I know that Jerrick a mediocre student, poor at Conjuration, which was a problem, as it was his specialty. He didn't seem to excel anywhere, actually...Until perhaps three months ago. It was rather sudden - he began to volunteer to cast in class, and completed three exams he had been delaying earlier. Then, after about two months, he vanished," Erilia says with a sigh. "Before I could get anything out of him."
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