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    Default Re: An exercice of thought : High level wizardry applied to politics.

    Sorry for double-posting, just saw your stat block. Looks like skills are the way to go! Your Bluff is great as it is; greater heroism + moment of prescience means you can even use Diplomacy as well.

    The Plan
    Cast fly, greater heroism, invisibility, and moment of prescience on yourself.

    Greater teleport to each castle (+/- limited wish for the warded castles), taking all nobles you've just persuaded with you each time).

    Invisibility plus fly gets you undetected to each noble's throne room (leave any nobles you've collected safely in a side-room).

    Bluff/Diplomacy checks to persuade each noble - a natural 1 doesn't fail (another advantage of skills over spells), so you just have to beat the DC to persuade them. If you take 10 you'll beat a Bluff DC of 52 or a Diplomacy DC of 30, not including moment of prescience. Reserve the moment of prescience for the 18th-level noble, or for nobles that somehow beat your first skill check (so quickly switch to the other skill and activate the moment).

    Return to the side-room and teleport everyone to the next castle.

    As a 19th-level caster your greater teleport can only carry yourself plus 6 nobles, so once you've bagged 6 of them use your 7th greater teleport to take them to the voting area before you tackle the last 2 castles (presumably your GM wants you to save the teleport-warded castles for last for story purposes anyways).

    Limited wish plus greater teleport to get to the 7th castle (teleport-warded), persuade the noble, then limited wish plus greater teleport with him/her to get to the 8th castle (teleport-warded, the high-level noble). Persuade him/her (resorting to moment of prescience and/or dominate person as necessary), then limited wish plus final greater teleport to take these last 2 nobles to the voting area.

    Minimum Spells Used
    Assorted low-level buffs (fly, greater heroism, invisibility)

    Greater teleport x 10 (to each castle and to voting area), n.b. you will need to start using your 8th-level slots as you'll run out of 7th-level slots by this point.

    Limited Wish x3 (assuming you need it to teleport out of the warded castles as well as in),

    Moment of prescience x 1

    High-level spell slots left: 8th x 2, 9th x 5. If you want to safely use Diplomacy each time you can use these slots for other moments of prescience, one for each of the other nobles beyond the 18th-level person. You'll beat a Bluff DC of 71 or a Diplomacy DC of 49!

    Advantages (vs. using offensive magic)
    Subtlety, you need never break invisibility as you'll just be talking and never casting attack spells, and there's no way for the nobles to magically protect themselves from Bluff/Diplomacy. Furthermore a Bluff/Diplomacy check only takes 1 minute by generous RAW so you can do it all, including the spellcasting, well within the 10 minute limit. Most importantly, you won't run out of spell slots since you don't have to worry about using attack spells!

    Good luck!

    Bonus Tricks
    Use limited wish to allow scrying/greater scrying to pierce the divination protections (if your scry caster level isn't already high enough) before the voting day. This way you can plan out where the side rooms/throne rooms are in advance.

    One final point - cheesy as it is, you can also use limited wish to duplicate glibness or a Diplomacy-boosting equivalent! :D
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