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    Default Re: Dear oh dear, what was it? The hunt, the blood, or the horrible dream? [Monster]

    Quote Originally Posted by Amechra View Post
    What, nothing about having to fight some old fart in a wheelchair?


    OK, OK, it looks good.
    Don't get me started! I'm working on him and Lady Maria. Making a fusion character with class levels/unique monster is proving only slightly more difficult than expected.

    Quote Originally Posted by aimlessPolymath View Post
    I'm basically unqualified to comment on monster balance due to lack of experience, but some thoughts:
    -Lack of flight?
    -The Vital Strike chain feels like it should get it's own line in the attacks list for comparison, or possibly be changed out for something else. Greater Grapple missing?
    -Blood Curse feels like it has a strangely low duration for something described as a "curse", and feels like a place to inject some extra flavor. Perhaps drinking the blood of the Moon Presence cures the curse, which otherwise lasts indefinitely? I'm not super clear on Bloodborne flavor.

    Numerically, comparing to the Pathfinder Bestiary, this has:
    -Below-average AC by four points
    -Will saving throw is way way higher than normal, by 10 points (probably OK given flavor though), but otherwise is around good.
    -Saving throw DCs I'm uncertain about, except to note that the DCs on the spell-like abilities are way way lower than on the supernatural abilities.
    -Attack bonus far above the median, by 13 points(!). Power Attack fodder indeed, especially since this doesn't really suffer from iterative attack penalties. Combined with the number of attacks, this deals out a heck of a ton of damage, almost guaranteed- assuming a +10 bonus from Power Attack, we have
    -2 claws deal an average of 35 damage each
    -6 tentacles deal an average of 32 damage each
    -4 tails deal an average of 28 damage each
    That's around 270 damage per round, which is far more than pretty much anything I can think of. Is this intentional?
    It has flight only as an at-will spell-like ability, which does not warrant a place in the stat block other than that it's usable.
    The Vital Strike feat chain traditionally wouldn't be reflected in the stat block as it's own attack. Usually it's up to GMs using it to understand what it's capable of. That being said I can see why it could be included, for the sake of being user friendly. I might work on that.
    The source material is what the ability is based on, which is already a really harsh ability. Even at higher levels, a lack of healing spells is REALLY crippling, and given the fact that most of this creature's attacks inflict it upon a large group of people, even it's short duration can absolutely kill a group of high level adventurers.
    All the stats were designed to be the way they are in regards to the average for creatures of it's CR. I wanted to reflect that though it was entirely easy to lay an attack on it, it was going to take a LOT of hits to bring it down. Magic as well, hence the high saves.
    As for attack and damage output, well, the source material would demand it. It can get hit easily and often for a CR 23 creature, but if you're close enough to hit it, it's close enough to hit you. And it will hit you. Bloodborne is an extremely unforgiving game, and this is the ultimate in unforgiving monsters. I also wanted it's brutal melee capability to be balanced out by the fact that it doesn't have any real ranged attacks.

    Edit: Forgot a point you brought up. As far as saving throws for SLAs versus abilities, the SLAs are always based on the spell level they emulate. Abilities are based on the formula of 10+1/2 HD+Cha/Con modifier (at least in this instance, others are based on other ability scores. Since he has 30 HD, it's basically a saving throw for a 15th level spell DC.
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