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    Default Re: D20 Modern RIFTS-style System Upgrade.

    Unless noted all skills and feats work as per the relevant D20 Modern sources.

    Base Skill Groups are noted in bold (and colour). Skills under each group require 2 points in the base skill for each point in the listed skill.
    For example with 2 points in Combat Training you could purchase 1 skill rank in all of the subsequent skills. However to reach say 2 in Armor you would need to first raise Combat Training to 4 points.


    Combat Training
    Combat Training covers basic appreciation and awareness of the flow of combat and the ability to recall learned maneuvers in quickly in the heat of battle. Each point provides +1 to Combat Pool.
    In addition 5 points allows Feint and Bull-rush tactics.
    • Armor
      Every 3 points in Armor provides +1 deflection bonus to AC. 1 point allows light armors without penalty. 6 points allows medium armors, and 12 points allows heavy armors. For every 10 points one exotic armor may be selected.
    • Firearms
      Every 5 points in Firearms provides +1 on ranged attacks with firearms. 1 point allows the use of simple firearms. 6 points allows personal firearms and double tap, at 8 points rapid fire and burst fire may be used without penalty, and 12 points allows heavy weapons. For every 10 points one exotic firearm may be selected.
    • Martial Arts
      <provide unarmed combat bonuses similar to D&D 3.5 Monk. Include Martial Arts feats>
    • Melee Weapons
      Every 4 points in Melee Weapons provides +1 on melee attacks with melee weapons. For each 1 point select a single specific melee weapon and gain proficiency in that weapon.
    • Tumble

    To qualify for the following skills add up the total ranks from all Expertise selections and count that as the base "General" ranks. Every 3 ranks of General ranks unlocks a max of 2 ranks in each of the following skills.

    • Drive
      For every 2 points select a vehicle class that requires the use of the pilot skill to operate and gain the ability to pilot those vehicles without penalty.
    • Investigate
    • Navigate
    • Pilot
      For every 2 points select a vehicle class that requires the use of the pilot skill to operate and gain the ability to pilot those vehicles without penalty.
    • Research
    • Survival
      At 5 ranks gain the ability to Track a target in one of the chosen environments: Urban, Wilderness. At 10 ranks Track in both environments.

    All Expertise Skills count as equal ranks in relevant Craft skills.
    All Expertise Skills count as equal ranks in relevant Knowledge skills.

    Expertise (Astrophysics)

    Expertise (Animal and Plant Sciences)
    • Handle Animal
    • Ride
      Ride cannot have more ranks assigned than Handle Animal.

    Expertise (Chemistry & Physics)
    • Demolitions

    Expertise (Computing & Logic)
    Also includes Computer Use skill checks as equal ranks.

    Expertise (Electronic Engineering)

    Expertise (Fine Art)
    Also includes Perform skill checks as equal ranks.

    Expertise (Geography & History)
    This selection may be taken multiple times. Each time chose a planet.

    Expertise (Linguistics and Languages)
    For every 2 points select one language and gain the ability to Read, Write and Speak that Language.
    • Decipher Script
    • Forgery

    Expertise (Mechanical Engineering)

    Expertise (Economics and Business)

    Expertise (Pharmaceutical & Medicine)
    Also includes Treat Injury skill checks as equal ranks.
    At 10 ranks Surgery can be performed without penalty.

    Expertise (Political Science)
    • Diplomacy

    Expertise (Psychology & Sociology)

    Expertise (Structural Engineering)

    Natural Talents
    Natural Talent simply represents the ability to adapt and to acquire specific skills naturally. Add 1/3 ranks in Natural Talent to any Intelligence or Wisdom check. In addition a successful Natural Talent check (Set by GM) can allow a check in untrained Expertise skills as if at 1 rank in that skill.
    • Balance
    • Bluff
    • Climb
    • Concentration
    • Disguise
    • Escape Artist
    • Gamble
    • Gather Information
    • Hide
    • Intimidate
    • Jump
    • Listen
    • Move Silently
    • Search
    • Sense Motive
    • Sleight of Hand
    • Spot
    • Swim

    Note on Repair skill: Repair is now included in the Expert <X> Engineering skills. when repairing find the appropriate Expert skill and apply those ranks as if they were ranks in Repair.

    (Feats without details are precisely the same as within the D20 Modern books, not included for copyright issues unless modified)


    • Acrobatic
    • Adaptable Crafter
      Requires: Wisdom 12+, Expertise (General) 10+ ranks.
      Benefit: Gain WIS to bonus Crafting Pool points, Can Craft using Expertise General rank as if 1/3rd (round down) of any other Expertise rank if untrained in that area of Expertise.
    • Advanced Two-Weapon Fighting
    • Agile Riposte
    • Alertness
    • Animal Affinity
    • Athletic
    • Attentive
    • Armor Proficiency (Powered)
    • Blind-Fight
    • Builder
      Same, however replace listed skills for Expertise (Chemistry & Physics), Expertise (Electrical Engineering), Expertise (Mechanical Engineering) and Expertise (Structural Engineering)
    • Cleave
    • Combat Expertise
    • Combat Reflexes
    • Combat Throw
    • Confident
    • Craft Cybernetics
    • Cybertaker
    • Dead Aim
    • Deceptive
    • Defensive Martial Arts
    • Dodge
    • Drive-By Attack
    • Educated
      Any two Expertise skills.
    • Elusive Target
    • Endurance
    • Expert Scrounger
    • Far Shot
    • Fight With Anything
    • Focused
    • Force Stop
    • Frightful Presence
    • Gearhead
      Swap Repair for Expertise (Mechanical Engineering) repair checks.
    • Great Cleave
    • Great Fortitude
    • Guide
    • Improved Bull Rush
    • Improved Combat Throw
    • Improved Disarm
    • Improved Knockout Punch
    • Improved Trip
    • Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
    • Iron Will
    • Knockout Punch
    • Lightning Reflexes
    • Low Profile
    • Mastercrafter
      Required Skills: Expertise (Mechanical Engineering) 6 ranks, Expertise (Electrical Engineering) 6 ranks
    • Medical Expert
      +2 to all Expertise (Pharmaceutical & Medicine) checks.
    • Meticulous
    • Mobility
    • Mounted Combat
    • Mutation Damage Boost
    • Mutation Immunity
    • Nerve Pinch
      Requires Martial Arts 8 instead of Combat Martial Arts feat.
    • Nimble
    • Oathbound
    • Planetary Adaptation
    • Point Blank Shot
    • Power Attack
    • Precise Shot
    • Quick Draw
    • Quick Reload
    • Rad Soaker
    • Renown
    • Run
    • Sense Mutation
    • Shrewd Bargainer
    • Skip Shot
    • Spacer
      Replace Computer Use with Expertise (Computing & Logic).
    • Stealthy
    • Strafe
    • Street Fighter
    • Studious
    • Sunder
    • Toughness
      +1D4+CON SDC.
    • Trustworthy
    • Two-Weapon Fighting
    • Thrifty Mechanic
      Requires: Intelligence 12, Expertise (Mechanical Engineering) 6 ranks, Expertise (Electrical Engineering) 6 ranks
    • Ultra Immune System
    • Unbalance Opponent
    • Vehicle Expert
    • Weapon Finesse
    • Weapon Focus
    • Whirlwind Attack
    • Windfall
      Bonus 6D6+4 TUs.
    • XenoMedic
      Replace Treat Injury with Expertise (Pharmaceutical & Medicine)
    • Zero-G TRaining
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