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    Each character has a number of Combat Points as determined by Templates, Feats and sometimes Skills.
    Points may be spent to gain an action of a certain type during each round of combat.

    As combat rounds are fixed periods of time, characters will large pools of combat points will essentially appear to move very fast, while those with few will be slow and sluggish to react, or even lack skills to fight.

    Combat is ordered by highest pool first through to the smallest pool. Where multiple characters have the same pool they act simultaneously.

    Action Type Combat Points Cost Description
    Instant 0 These are granted by equipment or class features. Only one Instant action may be taken per combat round
    Free 0 Any number of Free actions can be taken in a round.
    Fast 1 These are small limited actions, like flicking the safety off a weapon or making a quick snap roll to determine a course of action.
    Movement 5 This allows a standard move action.
    Attack Varies Weapons/Combat methods will list the cost in CPP to take the attack action. They will usually be between 5 (fast) to 10 (long)
    Standard 10 Non-attack actions that require less time than a Long Action
    Long 20 Special Actions that require preparation or are very complex

    Special only as noted by item/feat/skill.

    Drop one object already held in hands

    Adjust weapon fire mode once.
    Move one level down from Standing>Crouching/Kneeling>Sitting>Prone.
    Pull one Object from Bandolier or Pouch.
    Open a door.

    Move your speed
    Use a piece of equipment
    Climb (one-quarter speed)
    Climb, accelerated (one-half speed)
    Draw a weapon
    Holster a weapon
    Stand up from prone, sitting, or kneeling
    Pick up an object
    Reload a firearm with a box magazine or speed loader or with held magazine/clip

    Attack once with a weapon as noted, against a valid target.
    Feint (see the Bluff skill)

    Bull rush (attack)
    Escape a grapple
    Move a heavy object
    Ready (triggers an attack action)
    Make a dying character stable
    Total defense

    Bull rush (charge)
    Coup de grace
    Full attack
    Overrun (charge)
    Extinguish flames
    Cast Spell/Use Power
    Other as noted by skill/feat/item
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