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    Default Re: Space Opera D20 Modern RIFTS-style System Upgrade.


    Technology levels come in layers now. Factional. System. Planetary. Regional. Local.

    At each Technology layer set the *maximum* levels for each Technology Sphere. Structural. Electronic. Mechanical. Chemical. Social.

    Factional level sets what is in general circulation across all worlds. At least one world controlled by a faction must have a Technology Sphere level that matches the Faction level.
    If a System lacks sufficient technology levels, the items of higher levels will be available but at increased one rarity level per level difference.

    System level sets the limit within that system. As per the Factional levels, for each Sphere, a Planet within the System must reach the same level.
    Any planet lacking sufficient technology levels will import from out of the system or from other planets within the system. Items within the affected categories will be one rarity level higher (no matter the difference).

    Planet levels set the level across the world. At least one region or Local must have technology level equal to that of any sphere.
    Any region lacking the technology must import it at increased cost. TU costs for items from the same planet but different region will increase by 50%.

    Planets can have one or more Regions depending on formation and colony type. Regions may have one or more Localities. There may be differences in some societies between localities within a region, due to different nations at different development levels, or large gaps in economic equality. It would be hard to find a Laser rifle in a slave pit or maybe a serfs farm.

    PL levels:

    0 - Stone Age.
    1 - Bronze/Iron Age.
    2 - Middle Ages.
    3 - Age of Reason.
    4 - Industrial Age.
    5 - Information Age.
    6 - Expansion Age.
    7 - Fusion Age.
    8 - Gravity Age.
    9 - Energy Age.
    10- Galactic Elder Age.
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