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The Fleichshriver Horror

No one knows where it came from. Some sages theorize that it was created in a spawning vat of the Abyss, most likely on the 88th layer (The Gaping Maw). These individuals speculate the beast was created by some mad servant of Demogorgon, to be used as a living weapon in the Blood War. The creature was virtually uncontrollable, and it escaped into our realm through an Abyssal portal before it could be destroyed.
Others postulate that it was birthed in our own world, an unholy abomination whose genesis was guided by the hand of some sinister archmage (possibly even Null himself). This legend agrees that the beast proved beyond the ability of its creator to contain, and has been a blight running amok in our lands ever since.
Whatever its source, most agree on one thing: the earliest reports of it seem to all originate in the Bandit Kingdoms, near Fleichshriver. Scores of heroes have faced it, and all have been destroyed.
The Fleichshriver Horror, as it has become known, is a juggernaut of destruction. A massive monstrosity with close to a dozen heads, bat-like wings and wicked claws. Sometimes it is said to wield a great blade of potent magic. The sound of its roar beings terror to the hearts of the stoutest warriors, and it is rumored that even if by some miracle someone were to slay it, it would return at the next dawn to wreak its terrible vengeance.

Spoiler: One artist's rendition

Huge Outsider (native), CE, Half-Fiend Multiheaded (ten heads) Phaerlin Giant Barbarian 1/Swordsage 8

Str 28, Dex 14, Con 38, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 18
Str 13, Dex 12, Con 8, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha14; Racial: Str +10/+4, Dex -2/+4, Con +8/+2/+20, Int -2/+4, Wis -2, Cha -2/+2; HD/Levels: Str +1, Int +1, Cha +4

CR HD Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
11 28d8 Outsider 28 +21 +16 +9 +9 Autohypnosis 15, Balance 5, Concentration 15, Jump 15, Listen 30, Sense Motive 15, Search 15, Speak Language (Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Infernal), Spellcraft 5, Spot 31, Tumble 5, Use Magic Device 15 Air Heritage (1), Endurance (3), Steadfast Determination (6), Power Attack (9), Improved Bullrush (12), Leap Attack (15), Shock Trooper (18), Epic Destiny - Eternal Hero (21, 24, 27) +20 racial bonus to Listen/Search/Spot, +21 Natural Armor Bonus, 2 claws 2d4/10 bites 2d6, Darkvision 90 ft, DR 10/Magic, Fly, Frightful Presence, Immunity to Poison, Resistance to Acid 10/Cold 10/Electricity 10/Fire 10, Scent, Smite Good 1/day, SR 35
12 28d8+1d12 Barbarian (Lion Totem) 1 +22 +18 +9 +9 Listen 2, Jump 3 -- Illiteracy, Pounce, Rage 1/day
13 29d8+1d12 Swordsage 1 +22 +18 +11 +11 Spot 2, Jump 4, Listen 1 Epic Destiny Quick to act +1, Discipline Focus {tiger claw} (weapon focus)
14 30d8+1d12 Swordsage 2 +23 +18 +12 +12 Spot 1, Jump 5, Listen 1 -- AC Bonus
15 31d8+1d12 Swordsage 3 +24 +19 +12 +12 Spot 1, Jump 5, Listen 1 -- --
16 32d8+1d12 Swordsage 4 +25 +19 +13 +13 Concentration 1, Spot 1, Jump 4, Listen 1 Fast Healing Discipline Focus {diamond mind} (insightful strike)
17 33d8+1d12 Swordsage 5 +25 +19 +13 +13 Concentration 4, Spot 1, Jump 1, Listen 1 -- Quick to Act +2
18 34d8+1d12 Swordsage 6 +26 +20 +14 +14 Concentration 4, Spot 1, Jump 1, Listen 1 -- --
19 35d8+1d12 Swordsage 7 +27 +20 +14 +14 Concentration 4, Spot 1, Jump 1, Listen 1 Sudden Recovery Sense Magic
20 36d8+1d12 Swordsage 8 +28 +20 +15 +15 Concentration 4, Spot 1, Jump 1, Listen 1 -- Discipline Focus {shadow blade} (defensive stance)

CR Class(es) IL Maneuvers Stances
13 Swordsage 1 15th Action Before Thought, Claw at the Moon, Death from Above, Diamond Defense, Disrupting Blow, Fountain of Blood Hearing The Air
14 Swordsage 2 16th Inferno Blade Leaping Dragon Stance
15 Swordsage 3 17th Feral Death Blow -
16 Swordsage 4 18th Time Stands Still -
17 Swordsage 5 18th Mountain Tombstone Strike Stance of Alacrity
18 Swordsage 6 20th Death in the Dark -
19 Swordsage 7 21st Shadow Blink -
20 Swordsage 8 22nd Prey on the Weak -

The Fleichsriver Horror is a showcase of how wrong the CR system can be sometimes, especially with 3.0 material involved (both the Paherlin Gaint and Multiheaded templates are fairly under CR'd). Note to DMs: do not use this against an 11th level party. One Blasphemy later and every non-evil PC is obliterated. The "sweet spot" for this entry is CR 20: it's still an epic level threat, but at least a 20th level party will have some serious cheese of their own to fight with. Unless the DM wants to eyeball his own CRs, I would recommend the The Fleichshriver Horror as an exercise in TO only. Although a creative spellcaster might find a way around it's defenses...maybe.
The fluff presented above is Greyhawk based, but The Horror should slot easily into an Eberron or Forgotten Realms setting. It should probably fill a niche the same as the Tarrasque is supposed to: an unstoppable engine of destruction that the PCs will only face towards the end of a campaign.

CR 11: 28d8+392hp (518hp). Unarmed full attack routine: 2 claws +28 melee 2d4+9, 10 bites +23 melee 2d6+4 (as an outsider, it has full martial weapon proficiency, so it could use a huge falchion +28/+23/+18/+13 melee 3d6+13 (18-20/x2), 10 bites +23 melee 2d6+4). This is all before Power Attack/Leap Attack/Shock Trooper is in the mix. It's "weakness" is a slow movement rate, but it can fly at 40 feet with average maneuverability. The SLAs are crazy (CL 28, likely to punch through any SR the party has): Blasphemy 1/day, Contagion 1/day, Darkness 3/day, Desecrate 1/day, Destruction 1/day, Horrid Wilting 1/day, Poison 3/day, Summon Monster IX (fiends only) 1/day, Unhallow 1/day, Unholy Aura 3/day & Unholy Blight 1/day. The creature is intelligent enough to use its attacks effectively. It would generally lead off with a roar to trigger Frightful Presence as a free action (on the off chance anything in the area is under 8HD), and follow up with a Blasphemy. If anything was still standing, it would charge in and demolish the enemies with devastating melee attacks. If it can prepare before a fight, it will summon a Barbed Devil or Hezrou that will stick around for almost 3 minutes, and hold the charge on a Poison SLA. SR 35 is going to make it hard to take down with spells, and it's Will save is pumped up by Steadfast Determination (Con to Will saves instead of Wis, and doesn't auto fail a Fort save on a 1). It's Listen and Spot checks (+52/+53) are going to foil most attempts at stealth. If the DM wants to be truly evil, throw in a wand or two for it to UMD (Scintillating Scales will make touch attacks very difficult, given a +21 natural armor bonus. Use this trick if someone starts summoning Allips or Shadows). Epic Destiny (Eternal Hero) gives some serious benefits: Continual Resurrection (like a Lich on steroids), Death Denied (it's saves are already pretty solid, but hey, why not), Quickening (have a bucket of temporary hit points each round) and Eternal Renewal (if the party manages to beat the Horror down - surprise!).

CR 15: There it is - Lion Totem Barbarian. You saw it coming, didn't you? Power Attack/Leap Attack/Shock Trooper just got a whole lot scarier. Rage is only 1/day, but due to the massive Con modifier, will very likely last for a full combat. Again, the creature is canny enough not to Rage until it has used any SLAs or other actions requiring concentration first. Rage has the added benefit of further boosting Will saves (added Con for Steadfast Determination, and the innate +2 bonus from Raging). Swordsage maneuvers and stances are just icing on this cake (Feral Death Blow while raging - ouch!). The final level of Epic Destiny (Eternal Hero) kicks in here (it eats 4 epic level feat slots, but it's worth it IMHO):
- The Warrior (Su): Make a full attack as a standard action. A magic weapon with up to a +8 enhancement bonus and special properties equaling up to a total +5 bonus equivalent: +8 Ghost Touch Keen Lucky Stunning Surge Valorous weapon (falchion). Those pesky incorporeal opponents aren't so smug now, are they? Charge damage is ludicrous. Critical range 15-20.
- The Arcanist (Sp): Duplicate the effect of any 7th-level arcane spell from any class list. Limited Wish. Can't be beaten for utility as a 7th level spell (any Sor/Wiz spells of 6th or lower, any other spell of 5th or lower).
- The Disciple (Sp): Duplicate the effect of any 7th-level divine spell from any class list. Master Earth. Basically Teleport Without Error that can't be blocked by Dimension Lock or similar effects. If by some miracle The Horror is getting beaten, it slips away to use it's fast healing (which comes online at CR 16).
- The Traitor (Sp): Duplicate the effect of any 8th-level evil spell from any class list. You may choose up to three options for the traitor incarnation. That's right, three. Here's my personal picks: 1.) Create Greater Undead (The Horror starts creating undead monsters to plague the land. It doesn't care that it doesn't control them, it just sets them loose. This can be a plot arc for the party to investigate.). 2.) Spread of Savagery: turn the good (and neutral) guys against each other. 3.) Veil of Undeath: tasty, tasty immunities. Not like it needs them, but just in case PCs get creative.

CR 20: More of the same, but with higher level maneuvers and stances. Sudden Recovery can regain a 9th level maneuver in a jiff. Time Stands Still is pretty devastating, to say the least. Fast Healing isn't really necessary, but if for some reason the creature has to flee (via Master earth), it can come back at full hit points to carry on the fight.

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PS - no offense intended with the image; I believe it falls into the same mythological category as nagas and rakshasa?