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Spoiler: Lifepath

Species: Vulcan (Because how could I not submit one to a ship with an Andorian captain?)
+1 Control, Fitness and Reason
Trait: Vulcan
Talent: Mind-Meld

Environment: Another Species' Homeworld (Andoria)
+1 Presence
+1 Command
Value: It won't kill me to show a little emotion now and then...

Upbringing: Diplomacy & Politics (Rebelled)
+1 Fitness, +2 Reason
+1 Conn
Focus: Composure
Talent: Vulcan Nerve Pinch

Starfleet Academy (Science Track)
Value: Nothing is truly inexplicable!
+1 Control, Presence, Reason
+2 Science, +1 Engineering, Command
Focus: Computers
Focus: Debate
Focus: Astrophysics
Talent: Intense Scrutiny

Career: Experienced Officer
Value: Logic is the beginning of Wisdom
Talent: Collaboration

Career Event 1: Learns Unique Language
+1 Insight
+1 Science
Focus: Mathematics

Career Event 2: Betrayed Ideals for a Superior
+1 Presence
+1 Command
Focus: Investigation

Finishing Touches:
Value: We're out here to learn
+1 Reason, Control
+1 Science, Conn

Spoiler: Character Sheet

Personality: Mostly 'Vulcan', but with the default behavior changed from 'blank, logical, stoic' to 'faintly amused, logical, stoic'. It's probably quite jarring to see a Vulcan sport a faint grin... but contrary to popular belief, the act of smiling doesn't make them melt!
Appearance: T'Loran appears to be a heavily tanned Caucasian woman. In truth, she's quite pale by her family's standards - growing up on Andoria rather than Vulcan left it's mark on her. Due to Vulcan longevity, she also looks a lot younger than she is - humans who don't check the rank pips (or first see her out of uniform) will often mistake the Lieutenant Commander (in her 40s) for an Ensign (in her 20s).

T'Loran is 1.9m tall and very slim - between their more-powerful-for-their-size muscles and high Will Saves vs Snack Food, Vulcans tend to be slimmer on average than similarly built humans anyway. Her hair is dark, wavy, and rather abruptly cut off just above the shoulders. It's typically worn loose, leaving it free to cover her ears.

Rank and Role: Lt. Commander, Science Officer

Control 10
Daring 7
Fitness 9
Insight 8
Presence 10
Reason 12

Command 4
Conn 3
Engineering 2
Security 1
Science 5
Medicine 1

  • Composure
  • Computers
  • Debate
  • Astrophysics
  • Mathematics
  • Investigation

  • Mind-Meld
  • Vulcan Nerve Pinch
  • Intense Scrutiny
  • Collaboration

  • It won't kill me to show a little emotion now and then...
  • Nothing is truly inexplicable.
  • Logic is the beginning of Wisdom.
  • We're out here to learn.

So, T'Loran's plan is to do 1 close flyby of the star (placing the probes and doing the low-detail scan they could have done from a safe distance as they pass), before retreating back to a safe distance to wait out the next flare.

Once they've processed the scan, completed innoculations, and finished reconfiguring the shields, they can then settle into a low orbit to create the high-resolution scans of the star's magnetic field.

And on a side note, what's the chain of command on this ship? Going by everyone's ranks, I think it's Captain Etahn, Commander Ravaki, Commander Negrand, Lt. Commander T'Loran, and then possibly Lt. Commander Randin (not sure if she's had command training or not), in that order. Not sure where the security officer would fit in, assuming Squadfather finishes them.