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    Here's what I came up with for Sputnik's race... Sikozu was one of my favorite characters...
    Radiation vulnerability is overstated on the wiki, basically nuclear scientists are the one kind of scientist a Kalish won't become...
    The no translator microbe explains why she is the only individual who has to take the time to learn a language in the show, but she does so incredibly quickly... fully fluent by the end of her first or second episode.
    If someone was going to be using this in a more traditional fantasy setting, I'd be very tempted to add the (Dragonblood) subtype...

    Kalish are humanoids with pale skin with and golden subdermal scales visible through the skin in some areas (especially the throat and hairline). They generally have red hair and either blue or green eyes.
    Humanoid Type.
    Medium-sized: Kalish have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Strength, -2 Constitution. Kalish lack physical bulk, but make up for it with their intellects and fine motor skills.
    Kalish base speed is 30 feet.
    Kalish treat all knowledge skills as class skills. They gain a +2 racial modifier on knowledge skills.
    Kalish ignore starvation rules for up to two months at a time (i.e., no Fort checks until at least two months have passed without eating).
    The skill point cost of learning a language is half as much for a Kalish as for other races.
    Shifting their Center of Gravity (SU): A Kalish may take a standard action to begin treating their environment as if it had a limited form of Subjective Directional Gravity (as described in the manual of planes) a Kalish treats down as being towards any solid surface of their choice they within reach. A Kalish cannot use this ability to fly. If they are not in contact with the surface they are using as down for one round or they take damage and fail a balance check, they will resume feeling gravity in its normal direction and they take appropriate fall damage.
    Lesser Regeneration (Ex): after receiving critical hit damage on any her of next 5 turns, a Kalish may as a standard action that provokes AoO activate her Lesser Regeneration ability. Once activated she gains fast healing equal to her character level until she has healed an amount equal to the critical hit damage. A kalish that holds one of its severed limbs (but not its head) to the stump reattaches the limb instantly.
    Favored Class: Artifiecer?

    Practiced Gravity [Racial]
    Prerequisite: Kalish
    Benefit: You may use your Shifting their Center of Gravity as part of a move action instead of as a separate standard action.

    Edit: Delvians are almost done, but I want to re-watch an episode so I get one of the details right...
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