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    And here's Blue... Re-watched "Hone on the Remains" for the progression of Zahn's starvation... As for Light Euphoria, I just couldn't bring myself to put "photogasm" in the stat block proper...

    Delvian, a sentient and mobile plant species with a humanoid form. Outwardly they have bluish white hair (or none at all), and blueish skin. The skin is covered in yellow highlights that are stomata for the transpiration of water. Delvians are a long-lived race, with 800 cycles being the equivalent to mid-life.
    • Plant Type: As a creature of the plant type, an Delvian is immune to all mind-affecting effects, poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph and stunning. They are not subject to critical hits. Delvians do not need to sleep. Delvian spellcasters still must rest for 8 hours to regain spells. They are immune to spells and effects that only affect humanoids, such as charm person.
    • Medium-sized: Delvians have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    • +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution. Delvians are agile and have strong powers of observation and Intuition, but their physiology reacts harshly to damage and illness.
    • Delvian base speed is 30 feet.
    • +4 on all Concentration checks. Delvians self-mastery can overcome most distractions.
    • +2 on all First Aid and Biology or Medicine related Knowledge skill check).
    • Delvians cast healing, mind affecting, and divination spells related to communication at +1 CL.
    • Heightened Starvation: In addition to normal starvation rules, after 5 days without food a Delvian experiences additional problems:
    o They grow buds on their skin that release toxic spores that cause respiratory problems, numbness, and eventually paralysis to living, corporal non-plant creatures in their vicinity; spores initially affect a 30 ft radius around the Delvian, doubling with each stage; those in the area must make a fort save every minute that they are in the area, taking 1 point of temporary dexterity damage each time; if an affected individual leaves the range of the spores, the damage goes away after 2 minutes; if they are exposed to the spores again within 3 days, the dexterity damage immediately returns to the fullest affect they have experienced
    o Their mobility decreases (Speed halved starting at stage 2, and quartered starting at stage 4; most succeed Will Check to move or preform any actions starting at stage 2)
    o starting at stage 3, they become carnivores instead of omnivores and require consumption of meat to end starvation
    o starting at stage 4, they become paranoid, interpreting everyone’s actions as hostile (Unfriendly to everyone; -1/4 Character Level (round up) to sense motive, diplomacy, and bluff, +1/5 Character Level (round up) to intimidate; must use sense motive in response to any action they see/hear – failure always interpreted as hostile act)
    o It normally takes 1 hour to progress from one stage to the next; exposure to a daylight spell or similar intense light will immediately move the Delvian to the next stage and half the amount of time in subsequent stages.
    • Light Euphoria: when exposed to intense sunlight or the daylight spell and not in combat, a Delvian most succeed a Will save or remove their clothing and bask in the glorious light. While sunbathing in this manner, they are emotionally euphoric and physically lethargic.
    • Favored Class: Priest or Mystic
    • LA:+1

    EDIT: Added mechanics to most of Heightened Starvation; will add spore affects tonight...
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