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    Default New Weapon (polearm) and Weapon Material

    I hope no one minds my double posting/splitting these out, the post was getting to long to deal with... Not sure how to price new materials... Please PEACH...

    New Weapon: The following stats are for a medium sized Kirustav (most Gapakayri would use a large one):
    Kirustav s2d4 19-20/2
    1d12 20/x2
    6 lb
    (1.5 lb from blade)
    trip, reach*,
    *optional, -2 AC when used this way
    monk, polearm Cost 30gp
    This exotic weapon resembles a slightly longer than normal quarterstaff with a curved blade bound to one end. When striking with the end with the blade, it deals 2d4 slashing damage with 19-20/x2 crit. Striking with the other end deals 1d12 bludgeoning damage with 20/x2 crit. At the beginning of the wielder’s turn, they may take a move action to adjust their grip – doing so allows them to treat it as a reach weapon (loosing the ability to strike adjacent foes), but take a -2 to AC until for the rest of the turn and any subsequent turn until they switch back to normal grip (also a move action). The Kirustav is a trip weapon. It is part of the polearm and monk weapons groups.

    New Weapon Material:
    This brightly colored (green, orange, or purple) (color does not affect function) ceramic is made by infusing clay from the windenweald with powdered mundane crystal before firing it. The wild magic of the windenweald and the crystal interact to give the material unusual properties. Unlike most ceramics, it is strong enough to be used for weapons, while still being light weight compared to steel or other weapon materials (2/3 the weight of an equivelent iron weapon). Half the damage dealt by an Vashojiki weapon ignores DR overcome by cold iron. Additionally, Vashojiki reacts violently to windenweald magic in other things. A weapon made from this material does one more point of damage to creatures with the windenweald subtype. The mundane crystal allows a wielder with psionic ability can infuse the weapon with power. The next target hit with the weapon takes +1d6 to damage (this stacks with extra damage to windweald creatures).
    Items may be made entirely out of Vashojiki or may have a blunt striking end coated with a thin layer of Vashojiki; items using the material as a coating do not gain any improvements to the item's weight.
    Vashojiki has a hardness of 12 and 30 hit points per inch of thickness. While both ceramic and crystal are susceptible to the shatter spell, the combination of the two provides a +6 to saving throws to resist it. Despite the presence of Mundane crystal in the ceramic, Vashojiki is not considered a metal, allowing druids to use it. Making a weapon out of Vashojiki increases the cost of a weapon by 4,500 gp. Also, any magical enhancements cost an additional 2,000 gp due to the difficulty of enchanting it.
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