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    Default New Feat and Alternate Rules for Druids

    Mystical Aptitude:
    You have an inborn talent with the underlying forces that shape the world around you.
    Prerequisite:1st, 2nd, or 3rd Level only; No more than 1 level in a casting class when feat is taken (subsequent levels are unrestricted)
    Benefits: Select three 0-level spells from either the wizard/sorcerer, cleric, or druid lists (all three must be from the same list, one of which cannot be on the other two lists). You may now use these spells as spell-like abilities 3/day. If you later take levels in a class that includes all three spells on its list, they automatically become spells known and you cast all spells in the class as caster level +1.

    Alternate Rules for Druids
    Rule 1: Alignment:
    Anyone with three or more ranks as a druid must be LG, CG, LE, CE, or N. After 3rd level failing to maintain one of these alignments results in becoming an ex-druid.
    Spoiler: Reasoning
    Nature is rarely known to take half measures. While the natural world, and individual aspects of nature may lack the sentience/sapience necessary for moral and ethical alignment, people do not. Attempting to emulate nature will tend to move you towards extremes. Anyone attempting to balance these tendencies will end up being true Neutral.

    While individual aspects of nature may tend towards the extremes, as a whole, nature seeks an equilibrium. In order to match this balancing, the druid circle takes great care to insure balance within itself. The Circle is led by a counsel of 3 LG arch-druids, 3 CG arch-druids, 3 LE arch-druids, 3 CE arch-druids, 3 N arch-druids, and one N supreme arch-druid. The counsel carefully selects who is allowed in to the circle to ensure that the number of LG druids equals the number of CE druids and the number of LE druids equals the number of CG druids. The Counsel will allow those of other alignments to become acolytes if they show promise with either nature related skills or natural magic - the druid path will usually shift their alignment before they reach their third level in the class.

    Rule 2: Weapons/Armor Materials:Druids are restricted to using weapons and armor made of wood, leather, bone, bronze, ceramic, or cloth. The can also wield feycraft weapons despite their construction from cold iron. A druid cannot wild shape while carrying armor or weapons made out of any other materials; if they attempt to use such an item they loose spell crafting until 24 hours after they cease to do so.
    Spoiler: Reasoning
    The explicit allowance of the ironwood spell leads me to assume the original rule is more about flavor than balance, but since it does have mechanical impacts.
    My version is also mostly flavor; while it does have slightly harsher consequences, the additional allowable materials should off set it.
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