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    NothingAbnormal's Nexus Characters
    Spoiler: Makol

    Makol Silversheen

    Nakol will speak in maroon

    Alias: I hide behind no masks.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: ?
    Age: ?
    Alignment: I have no uses for tags nor brands.
    Class/Profession: Wizard/Swordsage
    Power Rating: A-

    Personality: Cool, Distant
    Equipment: Mine, not yours, yes?
    Abilities: Known Abilities include spellcasting, and astonishing swordsmanship.
    Backstory: None of your concern.

    Spoiler: Elenor

    Elenor Smith

    Elenor prefers golden Rod.

    Alias: Technically Elenor is an alias, see backstory.
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Mutant
    Age: Unknown
    Alignment: CN/CG (?)
    Class/Profession: Teacher, "Witch", Ranged Weapons Master
    Power Rating: C+ (I think?)
    Description: 6'5", 134 lbs. Elenor is in fantastic shape, and she makes sure to jog at least a mile every day. Elenor has grey, stormy eyes, mostly black hair with some brown blonde strands.
    Personality: More on the timid side, usually avoids conflict (she's the runer type) although if someone threatens her security she will deal with them... usually at range, and with surprise of course.
    Equipment: Old archaic texts detailing ritual magic, laptop with several blueprints, set for forging paperwork, forged paperwork and credit cards under various names.
    • Inhuman Sight: Elenor sees normally in utter darkness, and she can see signifigantly better then most humans (exponentially better). However she is particularly vulnerale to bright light, whether it be flash bang or a flashlight shone in her face.
    • Math Whiz: Elenor can calculate anything dealing with mathematical problems (and to a lesser extent science) faster then a calculator. However this ability does not apply to remembering things, reflexes, or any other brain function, only math and science.
    • Immortal: Elenor does not age, although she can be killed and is vulnerable to disease and poisons, just like a normal human.
    • Rituals: By spending years of studying Elenor has learned several rituals, although such things usually take hours to cast and are physically exhausting.

    Backstory: Elenor (Actually named Danica) was the daughter of a rich CEO. For reasons she won't say she ran away, and now intends on never going back. Of course she doesn't want her father chasing (or more likely, sending) after her so she learned the arts of forgery.
    Degrees and Certificates: Elenor is a life long scholar, and she has a multitude of degrees and certificates.
    • Philosiphy (Bachelors)
    • Structural Engineering (PhD)
    • Quantum Physics (PhD)
    • Bio-Engineering (Masters)
    • Graphic Design (Bachelors)
    • Welding (Certificate)
    • Military History (Masters)

    Spoiler: Jaine T. Shren

    Jaine T. Shren

    Jaine Speaks in Orange

    Alias: The Black Mask, Lady of Poisons, Death's Kiss, The Lady of Mourning, and the Goddesses's Sorrow.
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Fallen Angel, see idea stuff
    Age: 31
    Alignment: CN
    Class/Profession: Assassin, Alchemist, Poison Maker
    Power Rating: B+ (Without poisons, and areas she has little room to fly probably goes down to a B-)
    Description: Pretty Much this:

    Minus the sword, and her wings are made of adamantine, which is scorched black as if from (unholy) fire. Also, she usually wears a black lace mask.

    Personality: Dark, bitter, although she is not sure about what exactly (see background).
    Equipment: Two guns with blackened (as if burnt) holy symbols covered in white roses with blood dripping from the thorns, staining the petals (with silvered bullets). She also has a few knives, and various poisons, along with multiple refineries (to make poison, hidden of course). A battered wallet with a torn picture that is now indistinguishable and a few crumpled dollar bills. She also has a ring that let's her look like a human (she can not fly while it is active)
    Spoiler: Pic

    • Master of Poisons: Jaine's poisons ignore any immunities a creature may have.
    • Speed: While not "super" speed Jaine reacts and moves much faster then a normal human.
    • Strength: Jaine is twice as strong as the average person.

    Backstory: Jaine was a mighty angel, in fact some texts whisper archangel (this is false) who served a small pantheon (three gods). Unfortunately "love" was supposed to be between angels, and for one to fall in love with a "mere" mortal? FORBIDDEN. Done, no requests taken. After a while the gods found out, got pissed at the mortal, (wonder what happened to him ?) and Jaine was cast out... After having everything erased from her mind. Now all she remembers are vague, shadowy, insubstantial hints at the life she had once lived.

    Spoiler: Liadi Moon's Shadow

    Liadi, Moon's shadow

    Liadi will speak in turquoise.

    Alias: Li
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Elf (Lord), Vampire (Lord); see idea stuff, bestiary
    Age: At least 12 millenia [23]
    Alignment: Liadi has no alignment, and is immune to any effect based off of such.
    Class/Profession: Minstrel 20, Healer 20, Storm's Daughter 10, Rogue X, Herbalist
    Power Rating: A+
    Description: See below:

    Minus the circlet

    Personality: Slow to judge, but slow to friend.
    • Ring of Storage: Basically bag of holding style item, with unlimited storage and the wished item appears in hand.
    • Iron Band of Containment: A thick iron wrist band, covered in runes of containment and protection. Negates her last 2 abilities.
    • Various mundane items

    • Inhuman Reflexes: Liadi moves incredibly fast, and her reflexes are just as good.
    • Minstrel Abilities: Liadi has several songs, including all the minstrel songs.
    • Vampire Lord: Liadi uses the following alternatives: Magic Resistance, Lover's Bite, Wolf Shift
    • Creationist: Liadi have the ability to create matter, whether solid gold bars out of nothing, or water where none was before.
    • Transmutist: Liadi can change matter from one sort to another, and she can change the state said matter is in. Living creatures can not be affected by this ability.
    • Sculptor: You can alter the shape of something, such as turning a bullet into a coin. However the material of the item is the same as that you shaped it from.
    • Negationist: You have mastered the art of negating, magical and energy attacks. You can counterspell easily, and when you are attacked with an element you can easily convert it into something else (For example, turning acid into harmless water, a lighting bolt into a puff of air etc)
    • Polyglot: Liadi can speak, read, and write any language.
    • Dark Infusion: Liadi can channel pure unholy power, which manifests as black flames. She can control undead with this, and she can annihilate the living a well. For obvious reasons she tries not to use it, if avoidable at all. She can also use it as chains, holding down the living and undead alike, although this takes extreme concentration, and breaking said concentration can be disastrous... For both Liadi, whatever she had chained, and for the surrounding area.
    • Master of Poisons: Jaine's poisons ignore any immunities a creature may have.
    • Emotional Leakage: When not wearing her iron bracelet Liadi's emotions leak out, and sometimes affect those nearby.
    • Memory Sight: Liadi can see one memory of a creature that can be no more then one minute. She has no control of this ability, nor the memory she sees.

    Backstory: The daughter of a noble elf lord, she was attacked by a vampire lord, while trying to close a planar rift. In the resulting chaos, she ended up with a lot of the vampire's power, but she has no idea on what plane she is. She has not been home for... only a few millenia.
    Miscellaneous: Loves Zeppelin, hates screamo

    Spoiler: Alduin

    Alduin, Ragewinds

    Alduin speaks in Lime (but not in rhyme )

    Alias: N/A.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Elf (Lord) (See idea stuff)
    Age: 33 Millennia or so. [34]
    Alignment: NE
    Class/Profession: Barbarian, Ranger
    Power Rating: C-
    Description: See the Image

    Personality: Quick to anger, quick to fight, quick to make friends, slow to forgive.
    Equipment: His axe, Vrfng, Which can cut through anything (From walls of force to metal shielding) and his dreamcatcher, which disrupts all mind affecting effects.
    • Rage: Alduin can rage, and while doing so he can basically destroy everything in his path, however he can not think coherently while doing so.
    • Control Flames: Alduin can control flames with 100', and is immune to fire.
    • Elven Warrior: As an elf warrior Alduin is much stronger then the normal elf. He is as strong as 12 humans.

    Backstory: The privileged son of a Elf noble, Alduin is now on a quest to "find his sister" Liadi. OOC: she's not his sister

    Spoiler: Idea stuff

    Spoiler: Misc Class abilitities

    • Master of Poisons: Your poisons ignore immunities.
    • Divine Spellcasting: You can channel direct power from your god.
    • Arcane Magic Through years of study, or enhancing your innate link to the magical power in your blood you gain the ability to affect the world around you by carefully manipulating the weave.
    • Creationist: You have the ability to create matter, whether solid gold bars out of nothing, or water where none was before.
    • Transmutist: You can change matter from one sort to another, and you can change the state said matter is in. Living creatures can not be affected by this ability.
    • Sculptor: You can alter the shape of something, such as turning a bullet into a coin. However the item it is changed into must be near the size of the original item, and you do not change the material of the item.
    • Negationist: You have mastered the art of negating, magical and energy attacks. You can counterspell easily, and when you are attacked with an element you can easily convert it into something else (For example, turning acid into harmless water, a lighting bolt into a puff of air etc)
    • Weather ControlYou can control the weather, including snow, wind, rain, hail, temperature, etc.

    Spoiler: Item Compendium

    Spoiler: Mundane

    Spoiler: Biotech

    Biotech is nonmagical, although the process to graft and perform these procedures may require magic, once they are done they are not magical. Any technology that would be planted will be found here as well.
    • Bionic Arm: A bionic arm is much stronger then a normal one, and reacts a bit faster as well.
    • Healing Microbes: The creature heals damage it takes extraordinarily fast.

    Spoiler: Tinctures

    These are nonmagical alchemical items that are similar to elixirs, althoguh not as powerful.
    • Slow Heal: The drinker of this Elixir finds his wounds slowly closing, although it does not help with problems such as blood loss, wounds not deriving from nonslashing or piercing effects, damage to internal organs etc.
    • Anti-Venom: Drinker is highly resistant to poisons.

    Spoiler: Poisons

    • Bard Bane: Has a chance to make it so the subject can not speak, sing etc.
    • Paralyzer: Decreases a creature's mobility, has a chance to paralyze.
    • Strength Sapper: Decreases a creature's strength.
    • Slayer: Drains a foes life force, has a chance to kill.

    Spoiler: Magical

    Spoiler: Elixirs

    • Enhancement: This elicir makes the drinker stronger.
    • Vitality: The healer feels his body healing, this negates any and all wounds he may have taken up until them, but does not heal the effects of disease, age, or poisons.

    Spoiler: Weapons

    These will be specific abilities, instead of actual weapons themselves.
    • Severing: Cuts through anything, from a force field effect to a simple sheet of armor plating.
    • Animated Attacks on its own.
    • Lighting (ranged): The weapon turns the part shot (or the neitre thing if a thrown weapon) into a lightning bolt. This destroys the projectile.
    • Elemental (X): These weapons are covered in an element, although the wielder is not harmed by it. (X: Fire, Cold, Acid, or Lightning)

    Spoiler: Armor

    [list][*]Elemental (X): These armors are connected to an element, and provide immunity to that element. (X: Fire, Cold, Acid, or Lightning)[*]Acrobat's Armor: Boosts acrobatics abilities, allowing one to jump further etc

    Spoiler: Bestiary

    Spoiler: Angels

    Angels have the following abilities unless noted otherwise in their individual usage.
    • Flight: Angels may fly, due to thier wings.
    • Knowledge of the Heavens: The Angels have the ability to constantly detect those that are good and those that are evil.
    • Spellcasting: All angels have the ability to cast a small selection of spells. They cast holy spells.
    • Consecrated: Any spell an angel casts and anything it attacks with (from fists to laser rifles) is treated as holy for the purposes of a creature's vulnerabilities.
    • Return the noble Soul: Once per day an angel can resurrect a [i]willing[i] soul that was holy with a touch.
    • Intolerance: Angels are usually incompatible with all but uber-holy creatures. This can range anywhere from minor snobbery to neutral characters, to curses and threats of death to evil. Most angels can't even control the rage, so even if they are in a public space they will often say something, although they may avoid outright violence if they are in a place where innocents may be harmed etc
    • Strict Code: If the angel commits crimes against the holy religious order she serves she may become a fallen angel. If it is an accident most orders will give the angel but one more chance.
    • Holy in both Mind and Body: Angels are vulnerable to unholy effects, along with weapons forged in unholy places or by unholy characters.
    • Defiled: If struck by an evil opponent (or with an evil effect) the angel is weakened until the angel has the chance to consecrate oneself (1/2 hour of prayer). However while she is so weakened all evil creatures nearby are struck by holy, divine lighting every minute.
    • Fallen: You were cast out, whether the reason was right or not. You gain the next X alternatives, and lose the intolerance, strict code, and defiled abilities.
    • Spellcasting: You now cast unholy spells, otherwise this is the same.
    • Desecrated: Any spell or thing you attack with (from a fist to a laser rifle) is treated as unholy for a creature's vulnerability.
    • Unholy Presence: You are vulnerable to holy effects, along with weapons forged in holy places or by holy characters. You are immune to unholy effects.
    • No return: Those who become fallen are never allowed to return to a religious order. They are forever "tainted".
    • Snatch The Soul: You gain the ability to snatch any soul, once per day. Whenever a creature dies nearby you can attempt to steal its soul. If you succeed you can bring it back to life (Fallen will usually bring evil creatures back to life in order to make a deal with them) or you put its soul in an objet that then acts as a receptor. If the object is destroyed the soul is released. You can not use this ability more then once on the same soul. This replaces your return the noble soul ability.

    Spoiler: Elven Lords

    The Elven Lords (Race)
    Elven lords have the following abilities, unless stated otherwise in their individual usage.
    • Animal Affinity: An animal will not willingly attack an Elven Lord.
    • Immortal: Elven Lords do not age, although they can be slain.
    • Immunities: Poison, Disease, Unholy Damaging effects
    • Wilderness Magic: The Elven Lords all have some small spellcasting, which is helpful natural effects. These can include healing wounds, neutralizing poisons, speaking to plants and animals, and at the most enhancing one's body.
    • Supernatural Sight: The Elven lords are unaffected by bright light, as well as utter darkness.
    • Aberation Weakness: Attacks against elf lords from abberations are more deadly, and elven lords are weak in bot mind and body. Thus the most common slayers of an elven lord are those that come "from between the stars", although some may have other things on their mind...
    • Nature's Attachment: Elven Lords are bonded to the plants, animals, even the rivers themselves. Thus when forests are cut down, animals slain (not including killing to eat, we're talking massacre style slain), or rivers polluted the Elven Lords themselves weaken, and they can feel the death pangs of each of these.
    • Scent: Elven Lords have an acute sense of smell, and thus effects that would sicken badsed on someone smelling them are especially, however if their sight does not catch an opponent then their smell usually does.
    • Keen Ears: Elven Lords have keener ears then even normal elves. Thus it is almost impossible to sneak by one, however effects that are sonic in nature are extremely harmful to them.

    Spoiler: Vampire Lords

    Vampire Lord (Race)
    Vampire Lords Have the Following Abilities unless stated otherwise:
    • Vampire's Physique: A vampire is very nimble, abnormally strong (anywhere from 2-12 times as strong as a man) and very charismatic.
    • Lord of the Night: Vampire lords can teleport into and out of any area that contains shadows, and they see perfectly in any dark (even pitch black) conditions.
    • Magic Resistance: Vampires are mostly immune to the effects of magic, excluding holy spells.
    • Vampire Shifting: Like their lesser kin, a vampire can sift into a vampire bat.
    • Phantom Step: A vampire Lord makes no sound as they move, unless they intend to.
    • Easy to Spot: While not suffering the same penalties as a normal vampire, vampire lord's
      are still easy to tell apart, as like their lesser kin they are pale, with usually dark hair, cast no shadow, and have no reflection. Thus disguising is rather useless when someone looks at the ground and sees no shadow, likewise they can simply hold a mirror up.
    • Lord Vulnerabilities: Vampire lord's do not some of the normal vulnerabilities of a vampire, instead they have vulnerability to Silver and Holy Sources (whether a thrice blessed blade, a blessed holy book or a holy symbol). They are not vulnerable to staking, beheading, or any other similar mean [i]unless the weapon is both holy and silver, in which case it can be used to do so.
    • Light Adaption: Although they are immune to the effects of the sun, they still do not adjust well. The Vampire lord takes longer then the normal human for his eyes to adapt, and they are particularly vulnerable against flashbangs, shining flashlights in their face etc.
    • Feeding: Vampire Lords must feed, and they can not partially feed on a victim. They must feed until there is not an ounce of blood left. Those killed in this manner become vampires under the control of the Lord. They must follow his orders, although they may attempt to screw with said order, although the wrath of a Vampire Lord is terrible to behold. A vampire Lord must feed at least 1/week or he begins to weaken.

    Alternate Abilities: These are alternate abilities for vampires, and replace certain abilities, each is explained below.
    • Path of the Light: "The holy type vampires". These vampires are immune to the effects of holy weapons and silver weapons. They are instead vulnerable to unholy and hell-forged weapons.
    • Magic Resistance: The vampire lord's magic resistance is overcome by evil spells and unholy effects instead of holy.
    • Daylight Adaption: Your eyes are no longer bothered by the light. You lose the Light adaption ability, and you gain immunity to effects that utilize bright light (flash bangs, flash lights). However you lose your Lord of Night ability.
    • Lover's Bite: When you suck someone's Blood you do not kill them, and you o not turn them into a vampire. This replaces the feeding function where applicable.
    • Wolf Shift: You can shift into a wolf instead of a bat. If you are a normal vampire when you shift your fur is matte-black, however if you use the Path of Light alternate you have gold or silver (at your choice) instead.

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