Lucimar the Lich Wolf

Alias: Arch Curate

Gender: Male

Species: Human (variant) Lich

Age: A Lot

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Class: Warlock 7/ Necromancer 13

Power Rating: A+

Spoiler: I got me a picture

Personality: Lucimar is very regal, very calm, and extremely charming despite his hideous looks. He never starts combats, but more often than not he finishes them.

Equipment: A few scrolls, a spellbook, a few potions of inflict moderate wounds, and pen and paper.


1) Has extreme spellcasting skills

2) Mastery of guerrilla tactics

3) inhuman strength

4) Supernatural toughness

5) Can shapeshift into a large warg, wherein he gains more boosts to his strength toughness, but looses his spellcasting capability.

Backstory: Lucimar's native home is Golarian, the home plane of my character Xavouir, yet unlike Xavouir, Lucimar did not come to the nexus willingly. In the country of Ustalav, a place of necromancy and other vile things, a stalwart cleric of the Death God Pharasma met Lucimar in the field of battle, and struck him down with holy power. While Lucimar expected to be transferred directly to that world's version of hell, what he did not expect was being transported, gear and all, to a sunny field covered in flowers. Lucimar wandered for many days and nights before finally realizing where he was: the Nexus.