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    Ahem... Sorry...

    So... I have a homebrew project (of which I'm quite proud, mind you!) that might be able to help you...

    For crossbows, there are basically two ways of making crossbows viable while keeping them different from bows ("String Weapons" in the homebrew):

    Crank (Manual): A weapon with this modification uses a mechanical crank to draw the string, which is then released with the pull of a trigger.
    The crank transfers and maximizes the energy provided by the shooter’s muscles. Therefore, the a weapon with this modification can add the shooter’s Strength modifier to damage rolls and has its range extended by 1 step, but also has its reload action slowed by 1 step (If this pushes the reload time beyond a full-round action, the reload time is not changed, but the cost of the first addition of the Improved Reload modification to the weapon increases by +1 craft point). Reloading a crank weapon requires a free hand, but shooting it can be done with one hand (at -4 penalty, if it’s a two-handed weapon).
    Each point of Strength bonus granted by the weapon adds 100 gp to its cost.

    Crank (Automatic): This ability functions exactly like the Crank (Manual) modification, but thne “cranking” and reload of the weapon is done automatically. The bonus to damage is not affected by the shooter’s Strength. Instead, the weapon has its own pre-established modifier added to damage rolls, however this bonus is limited by the user’s skill, and won’t surpass [2 + half the user’s BAB] (rounded down).
    Each point of damage bonus granted by the weapon adds 100 gp to its cost

    It still allows crossbows to add Str to damage (because that's what cranks and levers do... They transfer energy from your arm to the string!) but keep crossbows at lower rate of fire than bows (but higher base damage).

    Hope that helps. :)
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