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I mean in the literal sense that Magicka is Lena's evil side and that's the end of it. That's the whole theory.
Spoiler: Lena/Magicka
In the comics Magica has a quite a few family members to draw on. Lena is a new character though. The easiest thing to do is to take Lena's talk about family and her aunt literally. It explains why Lena hates family so much, she doesn't just dislike her aunt but hated growing up among De Spells.

The manner Magica appears does sugget she is some sort of ghost or spirit haunting Lena. Magica can't really be Lena's evil side without losing virtually all her earlier cartoon/comic characterisation, so that isn't likely. However, Magica could be in some sort of depowered state, which would explain why she

I had a sudden realization for what could be behind the episode reordering that goes way beyond just making seasonal adjustments. Could this be an heavy-handedattempt to prevent Ducktales from moving to serialization?

Seeing these episodes, individually they are nice, but they are just begging for the Gravity Falls treatment with a considerable amount of serialized elements (at the very least) in each episode. By messing with the episode order Disney is flat out making it impossible for the writers to do that. Serialization is out of the question if the episodes are being mixed up.

There are good reasons to want to prevent this show from serialization: its harder to sell in syndication, its not so watchable in reruns, the target demographic is kids and families who may not be willing to watch each so consistently (or care to follow complex plots). However, it really harms the shows potential to run on a status quo basis.

I for one, am more drawn by the prospect of seeing the Lena-plot and the hunt for Della Duck more than anything else they have running.