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  • a person who talks at great length without making much sense.
  • foolish talk; nonsense.

"politicians get away all the time with their blatherskite"

Is the saying you use to summon the Gizmoduck armor to become Gizmoduck.
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Other than mixing up the name Gyro with Gizmo, I see where you are going. Gyro Gearloose will likely be a villain at some point.

The Gizmoduck suit makes sense for him to make, since he made it in the past installments. I thought he wrote this down in his notebook he would make such a suit.

Now that you mention he wrote “I become robot” and “Blatherskite” that confirms it. Blatherskite is the activation code for the Gizmoduck suit.
I thought blathering blatherskite was just his catchprase. It's been awhile.

My point is, "Blatherskite" actually sounds like a cool villain name, so DUCK VERSION OF RICK BECAUSE I'M SICK AND CAN'T GET HIS NAME RIGHT EVER is going to make an robot suit, and it'll go to THE GOOD DUCK BOY to become Gizmoduck as we know him, after he gets defeated.