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But... is there no chance that it's a simple in-joke? The mop-top, sweet and friendly Gyro from '87 was as nice a guy as you could hope to meet, but he was responsible for a lot of well intentioned inventions that went evil...

The reorientation of Gyro from Geppetto-like father figure to arrogant and socially awkward genius is a pretty spot-on modernization of his role, reflecting our current expectations of the trope. So, while I don't think he's going to be evil, I do think he's going to remain a jackass.
In isolation, Gyro's inventions all going evil could be a one-off joke. However, Gyro is introduced as resenting being isolated in the money bin and the fact that Scrooge McDuck doesn't release any of his inventions! What's more, the board is pushing for Gyro to be cut loose. Basically, when they introduced Gyro they introduced him with the perfect set up for a fall that begs to be exploited.

Louie makes some use of Gyro's ambitions later, but Louie doesn't play up on Gyro's resentment. Basically, we have a loose thread, begging to be pulled.

Gyro ends the episode with the suggestions of Gizmoduck suit, which has the same ring of foreshadowing as the first episode, that ends with a hint about Della Duck. It certainly doesn't seem like a throw-away joke. We know Gyro is the one to actually make the Gizmoduck suit.

When you put the two together the only logical conclusion is that Gyro will create the Gizmoduck suit and become an evil robot the next time we see him.