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Thread: Dungeon Master [DM/GM] Registry

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    Unavailable to DM.

    Name: Westhart.
    Availability to Host Campaigns: Unavailable.
    Contact Information: Private Message
    Posting Frequency: Daily/Weekly. Depends on my chaotic schedule.
    Systems: Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5e.
    Sample Game Threads: Check my extended signature for games.
    Current Games: None
    Future Games: While I have some friends requesting I run a game none at the moment, due to scheduling issues, and having taken a long (and somewhat unexpected) hiatus from the system (in exchange for freeform roleplaying and writing).

    1) I don't mind homebrew, but I also need to look over it first, before I approve it.
    2) When I run a game I generally run with a few houserules, and reserve the right to add houserules etc for games I run. This will only be used if I have a problem player, after talking to said player OOC.
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    Homebrew: If it is mine feel free to PEACH and/or use it.

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    Well, it seems that life has deposited me here, yet again. Hopefully this time I get to stay a while, as I intend on revising some old homebrew.