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I think it's kind of funny how in here everyone likes. "This concept needs more renewal to fit the base class", while in the prestige class context people are like "Yeah, blowing stuff up is totally on theme with small things."
Hey, I complained about that! And I'm the one doing the swarm-controlling PRC that's wound up with a touch of Changeling in that the casting progression function can be changed on a daily basis. Makes a Psion dip pretty useful by letting you apply the progression to Psion instead of getting Wilder manifesting.

...Digging more into the life-transfering ToB Alchemist idea I'm floating at the moment(won't start it until I'm done with Hive Master), I'll probably give it access to Desert Wind, Divine Spirit, Shadow Hand and White Raven. Damage, more damage and healing, yet more damage and also shenanigans, and then buffing other people because t3/borderline t2.

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I was thinking of having the class really focus on zombie and skeleton minions. But I don't like how 3.5 does them, should I include an errata to those creatures to make it work or just name my version like... fleshys and bonepals?
...Or I could shamelessly steal this concept and apply it to a metazombie setup that uses abnormal statblocks, like using the Evil subtype instead of Always Evil alignment. Then tack on Deathless as Good-subtyped with abilities built around shenanigans with making Undead that have effects based on what subtypes they have.