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    Post Re: Base Class Contest Chat Thread V: I Scored at the Top of My Base Class

    Quote Originally Posted by Morphic tide View Post
    Hey, I complained about that! And I'm the one doing the swarm-controlling PRC that's wound up with a touch of Changeling in that the casting progression function can be changed on a daily basis. Makes a Psion dip pretty useful by letting you apply the progression to Psion instead of getting Wilder manifesting.
    Yeah. To me allowing stuff that far removed from the concept kind of killed the integrity of the contest to me, but everyone has their own standards, I just thought it was really funny how far removed the two contests were in mood despite being on the same board.

    I'll be posting the skeleton for my class up soon.

    Edit: It's technically up now, if anyone wants to look at a jumble of ideas, wrapped in a bundle of edge, cushioned by a bun of snark.
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